Dream Boy!

I have the weirdest dreams. Like this morning, my dream was all about a vacation gone bad. Jong Hilario of Streetboys, was chasing me in a fishing village. He and his  group already killed some of my friends. I never found out why they were after us.

It was therefore no surprise when Aki started telling me about his dreams as soon he wakes up.

Sometimes he tells me the gist

Dream #1
Aki: Mummy, did you know that dinosaurs love bananas!!?

Dream #2
Aki: There was an accident. The house became a monster.

Dream #3
Aki: I kissed Kuya Rocky’s bread. It was yummy!

Some dreams are more detailed

Dream #4
Aki: My back hurts! My back hurts! (repeat 10x)
My: Ok. I will massage
Aki: Still hurts.
Me: What happened
Aki: I fell on the escalator. I hold your hand tight and you run up fast. I tell you to slow down but you don’t listen. I fell on the escalator and my back hurts.

Dream #5
There was a shark in the building. I use my sharkgun to blast it with water. Dulas ako! (I slipped) I used my skateboard as surfboard. Then there was a song *he then starts singing* The end


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