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Our Son is a Model!

Yep! We are going to be rich!

His 2 Halloween costumes last year are featured in the latest issue of Smart Parenting issue.

I am glad the magazine indicated his full name. I would have wanted that they mentioned that the idea and materials were all from me but I am okay mention of the name. The assistant ed said they will include a link to my blog in the actual step-by-step post in the SP website. Let’s see.

Here are his Taho Vendor costume.

And his MMDA Traffic Enforcer costume


Please grab a copy of the latest issue. If you are also thinking of baby # 2 like me, this issue has a lot of helpful tips!

Click here to see Aki’s other magazine appearances.


9 thoughts on “Our Son is a Model!

  1. Wow! Galing ni Aki.. Nice ideas naman kasi as always sis! So happy to see him.. I’ll be grabbing the mag the soonest! =)

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