Do you also have an ant problem?

I would like to inform all the wives out there that there is hope. There is hope against our fight against ants. The ants who try to invade our home are little devils, I tell yah. I so hate it when I see Aki covered with bites. How dare they….They even try to get their share of our steamed rice. Put food on the table and they will be there in a minute or two. I thought ants only like sweet foods but no, they eat everything. We have to put the serving plate over a bowl of water to keep those ants away. Some of our ants are even suicidal. We have this food cover, a little plastic dome that we use to keep flies from infesting our food. Normally, we would put the serving plates or bowls over a shallow plate of water and then cover the whole thing with the food cover. Those nasty ants would climb the cover and skydive just to reach the food. Small but terrible. Well I am terrible-r than you, nasty ants! I show no mercy especially when someone or something tries to hurt my family.

Thanks to my favorite neighbor, my sister-in-law Mae, we discovered this product.


The idea here is that the ants will happy eat the gel and bring it to their queen. It will be too late when they all discover that the yummy gel they ate is actually poison. Bwahahahaha *evil laugh*

Just look for the ant trail. In our case, ant trailS.


Just looking at this pic makes me angry!


Put a drop or two near their exit points and watch the ants scamper to their death.



Just some reminders

Best if you do this very fulfilling activity after you have research all the trails. We do not want any survivors telling the other camps of our plan to eliminate each and every greedy ant in our property

Keep you utensils away. I was worried that ants might leave some gel on our spoons and forks.ย  Remember that the ants will not die right away. They can still roam your house and leave traces of the gel.

Do the same for any food on your table. If you see ants in your food, throw them. I did not want to say goodbye to our favorite Dunkin Donut munchkins but I could not take the risk.

To any one who would like to try this product, I have one word for you: ENJOY!


8 thoughts on “Do you also have an ant problem?

  1. Darna says:

    Hi Maqui! I enjoyed this post, I can relate so much. Ants in our house are, i think, “evolved! Speaking of your skydiving ants, our ants are swimmers and eskimos, They can survive anywhere, even in our freezer! hehehe.

  2. Having the same problem here but manageable by patience pa naman. We used the chalk naman before and it worked. My husband found out that plain borax can also do the job. Have you ever heard of the saying na red ants going into your home is actually lucky? I believe that in some way kasi when they come out of nowhere, may dumadating na gracia! But they are pesky lalo na when they get food (and yummy treats!).


    Our husband’s share the same passion, BJJ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Maqui, san na bibili yan? Kunsumisyon din ako sa langgam!!!! Feeling ko nga may wings sila kasi ang bibilis nila haha! Meron akong ginagamit ngayon na X-Terminator cockroach and termite eradicator na non toxic. Nabili ko sa Sesou. Power-type siya. So far effective naman.

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