Hello, October! Be nice, okay? Your sister, September, gave me an emotional rollercoaster ride. Since you are my favorite month of the year, I opened my eyes this morning full of optimism for me, my family and everyone I care about.  Aki’s birthday party, halloween costume, office halloween party, Christmas tree decorating, here I come!

This is my favorite time of the year because around this time 4 years ago, my life changed forever, for the better. I became a mom. I was telling a friend who was feeling low that maybe a new job is not the answer. Work is work. All jobs are both stressful and routinary.  I told her that when she becomes a mom, she’ll somehow stop stressing herself over the little things. Not that I am the perfect role model for being in the moment, letting go and achieving work-life balance. No one would want to live inside my brain. But since October 2009, I get to say, ” I have a son to raise, a husband to serve and a house to manage. I don’t have time for BS.” It is easier to see the big picture and not just live day after day if you have a family. Well at least for me. My life as it is, hectic. I don’t need to waste time and energy on things that do not matter.

Speaking of things that matter, I wish I kept my promise that I will be better at documenting Aki’s punchlines. This boy is riot. Everyone tells me that. Here are some of the hirits that I still remember


One evening…

Me: Akoykoy, have you brushed your teeth?
Aki (in robot voice): I’m..a…robot. Robot.. have.. no…teeth


One morning… I was still sleeping..

Aki: Mommy, milk please.
Me: I’m still sleepy. Baba ka. Hingi ka sa Ate mo. (go down and ask your Ate)
Aki: But, I am a baby minion. Baby minions can’t walk. Minions can’t move their arms.

Days after Father’s Day

Aki: Mommy, kelan ang  Happy Ate’s Day? (When is the Happy Nanny’s Day?)


I was getting ready for work

Me to Ate Dorina: Ate, di na ako kakain ng agahan. Balot mo na lang.
Aki: Mummy, no! Kain ka. Baka patay ka.


Time to sleep. After opening the bedroom door

Aki: Mummy, aircon please.
Me: Hindi. Electric fan lang tayo.
Aki: But my daddy loves aircon. He will cry if no aircon. Please please.

I was tapping my tummy

Aki: Mummy! Stop! Baby Emily and Baby Googi (the name he wants if ever he gets a brother), will get hurt!!


Last Sunday afternoon

Aki: Mummy, I want to watch Power Ranger please.
Me: No more PR for you. PR makes you forget how to be a good boy.
Aki: But, Mum, I need PR. PR makes me strong.  The PR song makes me stronger.

He then sings, ” I am stronger now…. blah blah”. I don’t know if he made up this song or if it is actually the theme song of PR.

Aki (while obviously faking that he can’t lift a pillow ) See. I am not strong enough. (in a serious tone). I need to watch Power Ranger now.


Me: Please scare those gray rain clouds away
Aki roared at the skies. After a couple of minutes, the sun was out.
Me: You did it. Thanks, Aki. Did you know that Helio (one of his given names), means god of the sun?
Aki: Huh?! Like this (does the sign of the cross) Father, Son….?
Me: You are silly.
Aki (does another sign of the cross but says): Franco, Helio, Akira, Endaya. Amen.


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