Gift of An Ordinary Weekend

Fourteen more hours to go before the weekend! Yehoo!  We will have our annual family photoshoot tomorrow. Super excited. Please pray that the weather cooperates.

Last weekend was lazy, ordinary and fun.  I wish I took more pictures.

Saturday morning. No jujitsu practice for Aki. It was his school’s family day. Last year, I missed to read the memo and forgot to bring food for sharing. So there we were with our packed breakfast, eating in our little corner. When the teachers announced that it was time to eat, we had nothing but pandesal crumbs to offer. While I was turning purple in shame, I could not help but appreciate what was happening around me then. Parents, kids, grandparents and yayas were walking around the rented basketball court, offering food to everyone. Parents chatting with each other about their kids. Kids being kids. Teachers hugging the kids and excitedly catching up with their students’ older siblings who already moved to big schools. I really love the small tight community feel of Aki’s school.  I have been to other family days in other schools. The events were highly organized and well planned. There were sponsors, a professional host, marketing booths that gave away sample vitamins, freebie bags, etc.  The families were required to buy food  vouchers from the school and get food from the accredited food booths. Each student and family member had to buy family day shirts. Maybe it was in a way a fund raising activity for the school. At the end of the day, regardless of how big or how simple a school’s family day is, everyone goes home happy. It just that for me, given a choice, I will go with a simple event where the focus is on getting everyone to know each other better.

Anyhoo, I vowed that this year, I will be a better school mom. I woke up early and made chocolate cupcakes. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Those crater things are melted ganache. My father-in-law described my cupcakes as solid. I did not understand what he meant until I took a bite and remembered that I forgot to add baking powder and baking soda. hihi

Guess who had fun helping me?


Another weekend highlight is Aki’s new old bike. It was another hand me down from Kuya Rock.



Is it just me or do you also find your husbands super sexy when they, all sweaty and focused,  are working with tools? Thank God for technical high schools. Franco loves tinkering and knows how to use the things inside our toolbox. I am such a girl. I don’t even know what those tools are called. Maybe once I have a girl, I will exert more effort in trying to be a handy mommy.

Aki recognized the saw and immediately got his own and tried to chop off a metal rod with his toy. Silly boy.


Franco was just supposed to attach the training wheels. He got so carried away, he almost disassembled the whole bike. In the end, I begged hubby to give up and just bring the bike to a nearby bike shop to have it fixed. This isn’t the first time he got carried away. Aki dropped our remote control and broke it. Franco opened the remote, tried fixing it but realized that he lacks the tools. The next day, he got himself  a soldering something and fixed our remote. I was delighted to see him so proud but inside my head, I was not sure if getting that soldering thing that we will probably never use again in the next 5 years is better than just getting a new remote control.

Now, I am on a mission to teach Aki and his siraniko daddy how to ride a bike.

When it was pouring last Sunday, Aki immediately took  off his top and played in the rain. It is almost automatic for him to run outside at the first sight of drizzles.  It was raining non-stop almost all afternoon. I had  a light bulb moment when I noticed that there is already a water current in our sidewalk. I introduced Aki to paper boats!  I was not able to take lots of pictures for fear that my camera might get wet. But oh what fun it was!


In the afternoon, Aki helped me prepare the stuff we will use for his birthday party next month. So far, we are on track. Wish me luck! I hope the sun will come out soon. We need to finish our paper mache project this week.

For the rest of the day, we stayed in the room and watched the movies that I bought for a song from a neighbor’s garage sale. I love that we always have garage sales in our village. We are planning to have one this December.  This is Aki’s I-am-pretending-I-am-bored-but-I-am-really-enjoing-this-Series-of-Unfortunate-Events-movie face.


We ended the weekend with dinner at Hanako. I blogged about it here. Like Greek Taverna, it is one of the must-visit restos here in Betterliving.  It was my father-in-law’s birthday. Happy happy birthday, Tatay! Franco would not be the man and father that he is if he did not have a great role model in you.


Happy weekend!


4 thoughts on “Gift of An Ordinary Weekend

  1. 🙂 happy to be blog hoppin again! 🙂 feels kinda therapeutic… specially with happy posts like this! 🙂 makes me realize that that crazy war was just a moment in our lifetime and must not take over our lives forever…. 🙂

    oooohhh happy ordinary days are sooo back and im lovin it more than ever!!! 😀

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