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Homemade Chocnut Ice Cream

Happy Friday!!

Because my first attempt at making homemade ice cream was such a success, I was inspired to make another one. This time, I wanted to create my own ice cream flavor. I chose something that was close to my heart, something I grew up eating. It was either Chocnut or Haw Flakes. Since Haw Flakes are hard to come by nowadays, Chocnut was the way to go. Would you believe that I had to go to 5 sari-sari stores just to find my precious Chocnut bars? Are they not in demand anymore? I don’t know with other kids but for the kid in my house, there is no other better chocolate than Chocnut.

Aaaaaaand here is how I made my epic chocnut ice cream.


Unlike with the chocolate ice cream I made, this time I used heavy cream. Look for the canned Nestle cream if you need one. I measured 1 1/4 cup cream, placed it in bowl, transferred the bowl and the whisk inside the ref and let it chill for a couple of minutes while I measured the other ingredients. This was not part of the original recipe. I was just too lazy to bring out the mixer to whip the cream. I read somewhere that to make whipped cream, make sure the bowl and whisk are cool. I thought I’d give it a try. At some point,  when my joints were already painful, I regretted not using a mixer. Whisking by hand for 2 minutes-5 minutes while pretending you are as fast as the fastest setting on your mixer,  is no joke.

In a microwave-able bowl, put 1/2 cup condensed milk, 3 tablespoons chocolate chips and 1/4 cup  sour cream. Of course that is not what I did.  First, I rejoiced because I discovered that the left over cream in the can makes exactly 1/4 cup. I thought I read in Maggie’s or Sha’s blogs  that you can make sour cream by adding acid to cream. Wrong! That applies only to buttermilk. It was too late when I realized that vinegar and cream do not make sour cream. Haha. And I was too lazy to go out of the house for just 1/4 cup sour cream. Then, to my “sour cream”, I added the condensed milk and chocolate chips. The original recipe calls for white chocolate but I did not have that and yes was too lazy and cheap to buy some. It was here that I remembered that my microwave gave up on us a couple of days ago. RIP, dear microwave. You served us well for 4 years. I went to my neighbor and used their microwave. According to the recipe, microwave the mixture for 1.5 minutes to melt the chocolate, stopping every 30-45 seconds to mix. But because my sweet little baby niece Rya is so cute, I forgot the time. When I checked on my milk mixture, half of it already spilled. Oh well, nothing new. I went back to the cookbook. I read the recipe again and learned that the sour cream was not supposed to be heated and that I need vanilla extract which I also did not have.

Slowly, I incorporated my hand-whipped cream to the milk mixture. My no-vanilla cream was, as expected, very creamy. I mourned for a minute or two for my failures but hope is not totally lost since the star of this recipe was yet to be added. I bought ten chocnuts but Aki and I had already wolfed down 4 even before my base cream was ready. I mixed 3 chocnuts with the cream, making sure there were no lumps. For the rest, I was careful in breaking them. I want my chocnut ice cream to have chocnut chunks. I transferred the mixture to an empty ice cream container. I placed cling wrap over the mixture to prevent ice formation. When we came back from our weekend in Elbi, our ice cream was ready to be devoured! Funny, Franco who was out while Aki and I were making the ice cream,  did not want to believe that the ice cream was homemade. Despite my boo-boo, my ChocNut ice cream was soooo good.  I guess, life is like that too. So many boo-boos.  So many imperfections. But in the end, all is well. Life is good. You just have to stop focusing on the mistakes and instead appreciate life in general.

Oh and if you will be given the choice to have the first or the last scoop, go for the last scoop, that is the best because most of the chocnut chunks are there.

Happy weekend!

4 thoughts on “Homemade Chocnut Ice Cream

  1. I love your last lines “I guess, life is like that too. So many boo-boos. So many imperfections. But in the end, all is well. Life is good. You just have to stop focusing on the mistakes and instead appreciate life in general.” I couldn’t agree more. =)

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