The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend W#35 – Day 2

Read the day 1 of his ordinary weekend here. Lemme just clarify that while Aki is now learning martial arts, he won’t be taught any combative moves until several years from now. The main goal of his lessons is self-defense. I forgot the word NOT in my last post. Franco panicked as soon as he read it.


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAFirst order of the day: Play with the brand new helicopter. Normally, I raise an eyebrow when Franco wants to buy a toy for himself.  But since he has been working really hard these past few months, he deserves to spend his incentives in anyway that will make him happy. And being the big kid that he is, he likes remote controlled toys. He said he wanted one when he was still small but RC toys then were too expensive. Whatever makes you happy, Be!


After I found the missing Iron Man action figure which Aki and Ate had been looking for, Aki said to me, ” You are a good finder, Mom! You can find anything!!!”

Afraid. I think he is going to ask me to look for all his missing toys.



Cry me a river. Aki cried and cried and cried when he learned that we are not going to Kevin’s, his martial arts instructor.



But as soon as he saw the pool, he turned into an excited bunny.

I tell everyone who tells me that they like my blog to give blogging a try.  Blogging allows me to reflect and be more thankful for what I have, don’t have and have surpassed. Thirty minutes of blogging is 30 minutes of control regained. And with life happening too fast, a time to reflect and a sense of control are precious gifts only you can give to yourself.

Another major blogging bonus is meeting fellow blogging friends. If you are lucky, you will meet a fellow blogger who lives nearby. And if you are really really lucky, you will meet a fellow blogger who lives nearby and has a pool! hahaha. Thanks, Maggie for giving me the opportunity to witness my son’s first cannonball.  Aki loves her Tita Maggie so much, he wants to buy her a Barbie doll.


Two hours in the pool is more than enough to drain my energy supply. When we got home, I lounged in the couch and read my newly acquired Booksale treasures while Aki free-played all afternoon.

May I just say that I got Allison McGhee’s Only A Witch Can Fly last month for 120 bucks. To my dismay, copies are now being sold at 25 pesosesoses. I bought another copy and plan to give it to the next birthday celebrant in Aki’s class.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA


this one is called The Large Eating Machine

this one is called The Large Eating Machine


Aki’s hungry again.  I love it when Aki does things on his own. Here, he got himself a loaf of bread, coco jam and a bread knife.


Because he was so cute, I volunteered to make him a cup of melon milk.




Dadey’s back! And he could not wait to play with the apple of his eye.



According to Aki, this is a  nemuclosaurus. He invented that name



And he is hungry again! We all ate the forgotten strawberry ice cream that had been sitting inside the freezer since Franco’s birthday.



I took this picture because Aki said something really funny which unfortunately, I can not recall.



Off we went to the room.  Oh yes, we also have toys in the stairs.

What I don’t like about being the only girl in this family is that when it is time to make a family vote on which movie to watch, I always lose to my two boy monkeys. The boys wanted to watch Megamind for the 15th million time. I wanted to watch a movie about baseball. Maybe I should ask Ate Dorina to join the voting so that there is one more person on my side.

The boys agreed to just watch their favorite parts of the movie.  While Aki napped, Franco and I watch this very thought-provoking and disturbing movie about 2 best friends in their 40’s who had relationships with each other’s son.


Again, the big kid played with his helicopter. He remembered that he also bought an RC car last Christmas so he played with that too. When the car got stuck under the sofa, Aki told us not to reach for it. He has a pushing machine that can lift.


So smart, noh?

Oh and please don’t just me for the major eyesore that is my sofa. We put a blanket on it because small ants keep on marching there.


Aki was not in the mood for dinner. No surprise there because he has been munching all day.  We had food delivered from the newly discovered Greek resto because Ate was out and I was too lazy to cook. While Franco and I enjoyed our moussaka, pita and tzatziki and Big Fat Greek burger, Aki played Angry Birds. I am amazed that he knows how to use the mouse pad (?) and clicker (?)


The last thing I remember is watching Mitoy perform in The Voice of the Philippines.  Off to zzzzz-land I go, after non-action-packed perfectly ordinary day with my family.

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5 thoughts on “The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend W#35 – Day 2

  1. M says:

    I miss you Maqui and Aki! It’s been a while since I blog hop! I wish we leave nearby so Bibiyow can swim with Aki and Luke. See you soon 🙂

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