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10 Pigs, 7 Wolves and 4 Dragons

I bought this book
after I realized  that we have been reading spin-off books of the Three Little Pigs story yet Aki did not know the original plot. Normally, I like anything oldschool and original but for this case, I must say the spin offs are much more interesting than the story we all know.

The bottom books are part of my top 100 list. The Three Little Pigs is not part but is a Caldecott Awardee. I can’t decide which one I like best. In the  first one, the piggies decided to change the story. Aki likes this book because it involves dragons. The True Story is also interesting because it narrates the story from the point of view of the  big bad wolf who claims that he had colds that fateful day. In the other story, the book ends with the pig and wolves being friends. Here the roles were interchanged. The wolves were the ones afraid of the pig. After several attempts of fortifying their house, they decided to make a house made of fragrant flowers. When  the pig huffed, he smelled the flowers and suddenly had a change of heart. Nice, noh?

Here is Aki’s own version of the story


Once a time, there is a three little dragons who love their house.
The mom said you have to build your house so they build their house.
The wolf come in….
“Now, three little dragons, let me come in..”
Dragons said, “No” lang.
The wolf puffed and puffed. Pooooh! Pooooh! Fooooh! Foooooh!
The three dragons is still okay.
The dragons took their toys and talked to their mom kase it’s no office day (mom’s day off)
Mom said. “Are you okay?”
They said , “The big wolf come blow us!”
Tapos drink sila vitamins. Drink sila Yakult.
Painting sila.

The wolf come back…..


Wolf said, “I will puff and huff and blow your house!”

The dragons flapped and flapped their wings and fly fly fly fly!
And they all breathe fire on wolf.
Wala ng wolf.. pataaaaay!

The end 🙂

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