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Rainy Day Reflections


It is raining again!  Just when I thought the skies are looking better, heavy downpour comes. On the bright side, I am really thankful that all three of us, Franco, Aki and I are in one place. The boys are snoozing while I am laptop-ing.  I guess this is one of those rare times that I will be able to tackle my blog backlogs..

hmmm. I have a lot. Let’s see. Mutual Funds 101. Mid-year new year’s resolution review.  Our Elbi Summer Vacay. Aki’s Dragon Tale. My Father’s Day Philly Cheesesteak Recipe. Mini mini mynimo. Alin dito ang ipo-post ko. Eto oh Eto. Eeeto! The chant has spoken. I will write about my new year’s resolution and some reflections.

Where do I start?  What were the things that I want to accomplish this year…

Let’s start with my vanity project. Of the goals that I made this year, this is the one that is most promising.  When I make resolutions, I try to accomplish them within the first months of the year. Hightlights of this project would be

– New clothes for me. But I think I need new ones

– The make-up workshop care of The Soshal Network.

– Make-up shopping with Sha and Maggie

I am pleased to report that I am more comfortable wearing accessories now. However, wearing make up is a different story. I know now how to “paint” my face. I tried putting make-up everyday for several weeks. It really is not me. Maybe I just haven’t found the perfect foundation, powder, cream whatever. I like how I look in front of the mirror but I find putting make up at the start of the day and removing it before I sleep is not worth the hassle.

Overall, I give myself 4 stars out of 5

Work. I said I will read leadership books. I think my goal was 4 books per quarter. I read two already. I haven’t finished my 3rd and have no idea when will I get my reading mojo back. Another work-related goal that I have is to make my staff realize how fullfilling it is to be a recruiter.  That I am so sure I succeeded at. I am blessed to be working with my amazing hardworking passionate team. With the skills that they have, they could definitely pursue other high paying, less demanding work elsewhere. I actually encouraged them to try out for the other openings within the company but they refused and said they like giving people jobs.  Aaawwww aaaww aaaawww to the highest level.  When I was a newbie, I used to  work 8AM-10PM. I did not notice the time. I was just happy to be doing what I was doing and happy to work with my teammates. I woke up and the first thing I thought about is the exciting day at work ahead of me. I see that same passion and excitement in my team of fresh-grads and career-shifters.

Last Thursday, I was in the office from 9AM to 1AM. Craaaazy, I know.  It is alright.  I was on leave the next day. Besides, I was able to go home hondadat from Monday to Wednesday so I don’t mind the Thursday OT . I actually prefer it that way. Given the choice, I want to go home early on Mondays and Tuesdays. Go on late shift on Wednesday. And OT to the max come Thursday and Friday, if needed . That way, I know I am able to give my 100% to both my family and work. Anyhoo, so last Thursday, I had back to back to back to back to back to back to back meetings.  On that day, I spoke with at least 4 people on this same topic. If you are part of a support group, it is not about the money. Not even about ambition. Not even about getting a pat on the back.  If you are part of a support group, you hang on no matter how fast things are a-changing, no matter how tired you are, no matter how difficult the goals are, no matter how tempting it is on the other side of the fence. You work and you support because you want to see things work. If you are a recruiter, you just want to see people get hired and see teams being built. If you are a trainer, you just want to see people get from point A to point B. If you are in IT, you just want the infrastructure to run smoothly. Is this related to my new year’s resolution? Not really. I have known this ever since. So why is this paragraph in this blog post. I don’t know. hahaha, Moving on…

In terms of work-related goals, I give myself 3.5 stars.

Let’s move on shall, we?

For this blog, I was hoping to learn how to monetize it.  Since I put a lot of effort in maintaining this site, why not get paid?  Well, there are so many things that are stopping me.  First, marketing/promoting this blog just does not feel right. To this day, my blog is still a secret. Some family members know it exists but most friends don’t know that I have a blog. I don’t want to invite people to read my entries because doing that would mean I should start feeling responsible for what readers think or feel about what I write. Aside from the facts that I don’t have time to proof-read and that my spelling and grammar suck, I only want to write about what matters to me and not what I think would matter to other people.  Yup, I am OA this way. Actually, sometime last May, I shared a post in my Facebook wall for the first time.  In 5 minutes, I deleted the link from my wall because I immediately felt uncomfortable.  And speaking of uncomfortable, I got invited by this company to participate in the promotion of one of their products. When I got the email, I got really excited. I was being tapped by this big company and I was going to earn. Just want I wanted, right? I dragged my family to Podium for the first time, so I can attend the orientation. We were given freebies which were wonderful, of course. We were given promotional materials. But in the middle of the talk of the marketing manager, I realized something. I am being part of a marketing ploy! Ok, ploy might not be the right word. Campaign is probably a better term.  Franco and I are both non-fans of a marketing-lead lifestyle. We don’t go out of our way to taste the newest donut craze. We are rarely loyal to any brands. The only restos that I have featured are the ones in our area.  That is because I want to support small businesses. We don’t desire to experience or own the latest fads. We are happy with our app-less, cam-less, Nokia never-heard model phones.  I don’t think I am the best person to promote anything cool or in. One more thing that is stopping me from monetizing this blog are the costs. Thank you so much, Leah and Dew, for sharing your experiences!  There is the lay-out cost. There is hosting cost. There is cost for the domain name. If I sum all those costs up, I don’t think whatever  I will earn from Googleads or Nuffnang ads will be enough to cover.

So for miserably failing to monetize this blog and for parking this goal, I give myself negative 1.1653 stars.

How about you? Where are you at in terms of your 2013 goals?

11 thoughts on “Rainy Day Reflections

  1. Ako rin, that whole monetize my blog thing was something i realized I just didnt want to deal wth a couple of years ago. To put it bluntly, I just couldnt give a fwack hahaha. Thanks for sharing your experience; feeling ko the freebies are just not worth the time you spend away from your family or your precious free time sa weekends just to attend events or seminars or promos. I’d much rather be with my boys. Tsaka oo nga ang hirap ng dictated content. Eh kung di ko feel magsulat about vitamins or diapers or lotion? Eeeeek. Kudos to the other bloggers, but not my cup of tea rin!

    1. i could not agree more.
      if you have all the time in the world to attend events and write for others, go go go. but like you, not my cup of tea rin.
      maybe in the future but for now.

  2. Hehe. I guess we are alike. I dont wanna commercialize my blog. In the first place I blog because I wanna document my family life. I refuse to be a brand-slave. hehe.slave talaga. Besides, I read blogs because of the personal experiences and thoughts of the writer, not because of the brands endorsed.Peace po!hehe

  3. Hi Maqui,

    Just my thoughts, I think it would be alright to monetize your blog – I think you’re the type who will be able to filter out what you don’t want anyway. And like you said you’re not the type who’s keen on leading a marketing based lifestyle which for me makes you a perfect blogger since you don’t have biases. I like the blog of Frances Sales, she seems able to keep to her values and principles but still make money off of what she likes doing which is writing. Although I understand the situation where you hesitate to share “everything” to the world, I myself can’t go “public” with my blog. 🙂 Whatever you decide though, I’m sure you’ll do good. 🙂

    1. you always say the nicest things 🙂
      I love Frances’ too. I have seen blogs that were so interesting but after they got commercialized, parang I don’t know the blogger anymore. but if they are happy that way, sino naman ako para mangelam, di ba?
      i want to earn too but not for now. 🙂

  4. Maqui i feel you on the monetizing. I feel exactly the same way! When i started blogging i got caught up by the glitz and glamour of the bloggers and their freebies and stats and earnings and the like. So i was blogging like crazy trying to do what they have been doing. I created a twitter handle, facebook page,etc. then i started feeling uncomfortable promoting my blog on the facebook page. Parang nahihiya ako when some people who are not exactly close to me would say uuy binabasa ko blog mo. Feeling ko they know a lot about me. So i started deleting them one by one. Wala ng twitter at yung facebook page inactive na din. I was invited at an event then i thought after that what’s next isusulat ko na maganda ang product na to ginagamit namin to etc. i just couldnt bring myself to do it so i didnt attend. There’s nothing wrong with it actually. It’s good for the product an good for thr bloggers. Im just really not the right person to do it. At thank you kasi akala ko abnormal ako, ikaw din pala. Hahahaa.

    1. hehe. isama mo na si Anna. tatlo na tayong abnormal.
      as i shared in another comment, there is really nothing wrong but i am not the right person to advocate anything right now.

      hopefully in the future but for now, i don’t have the time and will power.

  5. Happy to be part of your vanity project, Maquibels! In my opinion, I think it’s okay to share (aka “promote”) your site to social media but yeah you’re right there are lots of possibilities that people might misunderstood your post but who cares this is your blog (not anybody’s blog) so just write and share what makes you happy and not what makes other people happy. Ayun lang. Haha! Daming sinabi. LOL!

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