Memoirs of a Mummy

Rain Rain Go Away

Halu halu halu!

It is 4AM and I can’t sleep. Aside from the fact that the frogs are singing in chorus and sound like cows, I can’t sleep because I am worried. I turned on the TV and there is no news yet. It has been raining hard non-stop since 8PM. Lord, please make it stop. In case you do not know, state of calamity has been declared in Laguna. I am from Laguna!  I am not there now but my family and friends are there. That is why I am so worried. My mom assured me that they are okay. My sister, when I called her yesterday, was too busy watching a movie. I guess that means she is okay. My cousins in Calamba said they are also okay but they are  monitoring the levels of Laguna lake.  Flood water went inside our family house in Cabuyao but according to my aunt, nothing to worry about. My friend Po-an just gave birth.  I hope Alaminos is okay.

Stay safe! Stay dry! My prayers are for anyone who needs them.

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