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Books! Books! Books! and Some Book-hunting tips

In just a matter of 6 days, I managed to amass these many books! Please don’t judge me. hahahaha.



Three. Booksale. Trips.  Bow.

Hehehe. I went to BS SM Bicutan on Sunday, Starmall on Wednesday and Makati  Cinema Square on Saturday. Booksale branches are blackholes to my wallet. Good thing I don’t carry much cash most of the time. And thank God, they don’t accept credit cards.

I’ve actually been to Booksale at least 5 times since I took these pictures. If I blog about my newest new books, I will probably need 2 days.

Let’s start with the reading materials that I got for myself.


I am addicted to Cook’s Country and Test Kitchen magazines.  I probably have at least 20 already.
This book on recommended read aloud books could not have arrived in the shelves at a better time. I actually was browsing online minutesbefore that fateful Starmall visit because I want to collect other highly recommended books outside the list that I always refer to.


I love these workbooks from FlashKids. There are a lot of printable worksheets online. However since I don’t have a printer, what will I do with them?  Besides, why settle with black and white worksheets if colorful and engaging sheets are available in Booksale? Aki abhors writing so anything that will make the activity more interesting is very much welcome.

page5 page4


If you guys come across the Maze Workbook, let me know, okay? Aki loves mazes nowadays.

Here is another workbook that I recommend.


These are the latest additions to our Top 100 Children’s Book collection.



The Stone Soup story is very very familiar. I wonder where I read it before. It is about a traveling fox who asks for food from farm animals. At first the farm animals snob him. When he starts making stone soup, which is basically just boiled water and a stone, the animals get intrigued and one by one adds a veggie to the soup. I have a faint recollection that I encountered this story from Batibot but I really don’t have a clue.

I also got other critically acclaimed books


Tip: if you do not have time to browse thru each book, check the back cover for positive reviews.


Another tip is familiarize yourself with the who’s who in children’s literature. I have my favorites. I love Audrey and Dan Wood. They are behind the Napping House and The Little Mouse, The Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear. David Shannon did the illustrations for No David and How I Became A Pirate.  Allison McGhee is another favorite of mine. I have three of her books. We all love Someday, right? I have been looking for her book entitled Boy. Let me know if you see one. If there is a rockstar in the children’s lit world, for me, that would be Graeme Base. He is both an author and illustrator. We have Animalia, Eleventh Hour, History of Dragons, Snailing Ship (Aki’s current fave!) and Enigma.

I bought these books which were written by our favorite authors.


Manuelo, the Praying Mantis came from the same author who wrote Curdoroy. From the same author who brought us the Gruffalo, which I got from Booksale for an amazing 10 pesosesoses only, comes Sharing a Shell and One Ted Falls out of Bed.

One last tip, if you have a new reader, get books with very few words.



Do you have book-hunting tips? I’d love to hear them!

11 thoughts on “Books! Books! Books! and Some Book-hunting tips

  1. Haay, ang tiyaga mo Mommy Maqui! I’ve been to 2 Booksale Branches already to buy books as pasalubong sana to Liam but, ewan ko ba, wala ako masyado mapili for him. I know the type of books he wants but I can’t find them there. Or maybe wala lang ako sistema maghanap hehe! Will try again this weekend, I’ll be in Cebu kse on the 29th.

  2. Mike finally agreed to take me to the BS warehouse near our place. Ang tanong lang is…kelan? hehe. The Stone Soup is familiar too. Pero the story I know is that the animals got curious and they fell into the cauldron of soup. Morbid I know.

    1. I know a Stone Soup story too from a compilation of children’s stories we had when we were kids. Mga totoong tao naman yung characters. Nagsimula lang sa bato na nilalaga tapos naging veggie soup dahil sa kakaparinig nung nagluluto at naloloko namang magbigay ng kung anu-ano from her veggie garden yung pinariringgan. hahaha 😀

  3. Inggit ako! I wish we have booksale here. I didn’t have enough time to go to Booksale during our last holiday. We had a box-full of dolls for the little girl to bring home. But so sweet because my cousins bought Dade books pa rin for his birthday. Some are from Booksale also so happy na rin ako 🙂

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