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Pizza Playdate with Coco and Rachel

Last June,we had an impromptu pizza playdate with Rachel and Coco. It was our first time to have a playdate since we went to the Fun Farm August last year. We had been planning playdates but for the longest time but something always comes up. Hopefully, the one planned for this month, will push thru.

For our pizza making activity, I prepared flour tortillas, pizza sauce, ham, pepperoni, quickmelt cheese and chopped homemade burger.


Coco and Aki after making their pizza.


I cooked the pizza in the oven at 180 degrees and ta-daaaaa!

If I had more time, maybe we could have  tried making our own pizza dough. Mixing and kneading are always fun. The store-bought tortillas are not so bad either. They are hassle free and crisp up nicely after 15 minutes in the oven.

These are the best pictures that I got of the ever makulit and malikot boys. I know these are terrible photos but these are the best from the bunch. What else do you expect when you have 2 energizer bunnies?


Later that afternoon, we went to the Booksale Warehouse here in Bicutan. Oh yes, the Booksale gods are in my favor. As if the three branches that I pass by on my way home are not enough, the warehouse is a mere 15 minutes away from my place. The warehouse itself was already closed but the store was not. Rachel got Coco some educational toys while I got Aki a dragon book and Franco, the Marvel comic book that we had been waiting for in the Booksale shelves, Wolverine: Old Man Logan. It was a late father’s day gift that according to Franco is one of the best Wolverine books ever written.


While the kids were sleeping in the van, Rachel and I had a grand time exploring Uniwide Sucat. See my Uniwide finds here.
Dinner was at Jolliant’s, our current favorite restaurant. We love the affordable but yummy Filipino food. We were there last weekend and we enjoyed the pancit, tokwa’t baboy and sizzling tanigue. All for less than 600 pesosesoses


We had a wonderful time, Rache and Coco! see you again soon!


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