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A Minion Treasure Hunt

Did you get bitten by the minion bug? I am not a regular in McDonald’s and I definitely do not want a kid who drags his parents to get the latest Happy Meal toy. Suddenly, because of this minion craze, I found myself eating in McDo 3 times in one day. Franco and I also started having more drive thru meals after work. All because of those cute minion toys.

And to celebrate Aki’s mastery of the pre-primer Dolch sight words, we had a little game that involved minions.  A treasure hunt! What could be more fun?  I scattered the newly bought minions and put clues using the words that Aki can already read. It took a lot of self-control not to give the minions immediately. I knew very well how happy he would be to have new minion toys. Imagine, we got the toys on a Tuesday and our game was scheduled the next Saturday because Franco wanted to be part of the event.  The excitement almost killed me!

Ready, get set, go…

1pagehis first treasure


Although he knew all the words, Aki got stumped at this clue because the sentence was long. He was very happy though when he found a minion at the bottom of his basket of dino toys.


More clues


He found a minion hidden in the ashitaba plantsGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA


His bonus prize was a pair of goggles.

Aki to Ate: Excuse me, Seaweed. Sea Train coming thru!
Aki to Ate: Excuse me, Seaweed. Sea Train coming thru!


5 thoughts on “A Minion Treasure Hunt

  1. Hi maqui, what a fun and innovative way to incorporate learning and giving toys. It teaches Aki not just the obvious (which is reading) but also the value of hard work and takes away the perception of entitlement. Galing. 🙂 And he seems to be growing up, smart and happy. Good job mommy 🙂

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