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Before and After: Boring Wall

Because it was Mother’s Day, I got Franco to finally agree to let me convert this boring wall into a photo wall.


Normally, he does not want anything on our walls. He likes ’em plain and boring but since it was My Day, he could not say no to me. Hehe. Thanks, Bebekoy! Unfortunately, this project was put on hold because of some roadblocks in reproducing the prints that I want to display. Maybe next time. I am not sad at all because what I did instead is nicer.

Before we go there, here is how the bookshelves looked like some weeks ago.


Not bad but it hurts my eyes. It definitely looked better last January. My family has this bad habit of not putting things in their rightful place and then totally forgetting about them. I also realized that Aki’s top 100 children’s books should be on the lowest shelves. While arranging the books per color of the spine makes the shelves look organized, looking for a specific book is sometimes a challenge. Not good for someone like me who gets panic attacks when I realize that something is missing or when I feel like I need to find something pronto. What is wonderful with my shelves is that they are really flexible. They are light and are not attached to the wall. I can move and rearrange them. And that is what I did.

Drum rolls please….

Ta – daaaaaaa!


On the lowest shelves
Aki’s Books
Aki’s Books
Aki’s Books
Aki’s Encyclopedia
My America’s Test Kitchen and Yummy Magazines
My Cookbooks

On the second level
My pregnancy and childcare books
My pregnancy and childcare books
Aki’s Father’s Day board book for his daddy
My Craft, Party and Activities books
Franco’s Motto
My Golden Book of Baking. Behind it are my Yummy cookbooks. I love those cookbooks but they are eyesores so I hid them.

On the 3rd level
Franco’s Brazilian Jujitsu books and our wedding cake topper
Our Magazine appearances plus the Best of Archie Comics book
Assorted books about mysteries, crimes, guns, dogs and Rembrandt.
Franco’s books about Aikido and Samurai
Franco’s Marvel comic books
Franco’s Marvel comic books

And on the last layer are Franco’s management books ( I think we are missing two) and some novels that I read. The wall art that all three of us made together is a nice finishing touch.

What do you think?

My next project is this toy-phoon.


I keep forgetting to blog about the costume corner where we hang Aki’s Power Ranger, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Doctor/Inventor, Traffic Enforcer and Chef outfits. There, done blogging about it. Hehe.

12 thoughts on “Before and After: Boring Wall

  1. you have wall backing for your bookshelves, maqui? you can prettify them by putting wallpaper or paint them in your fave color or anything coordinated with your room color scheme.

    i also need to work on my home organizing skills. hoarder ako ng kung ano-ano. time to buy those storage boxes. 😉

  2. Hello there! Yung shelves mo yan yung nasa shopwise? Ok yung arrangement mo. Pleasing to the eyes 🙂 and bagay yung layout sa wall. Pareho pala si mark and franco. Ayaw maglagay ng kung ano sa walls kaya bare pa din yung samin. Pero gagawan ko din ng paraan soon 🙂

  3. My Dad is like your Franco too, he doesn’t like putting holes in the walls kaya ayun, our rooms never really had a wall clock – lahat ng clocks, nakapatong lang somewhere. It annoyed me but it’s my parents’ house so it’s their rules. Eventually, when I had my own home, I realized that I inherited that same ugali from my Dad, ayaw ko rin nagbubutas sa walls – unless really really necessary. Just sharing 🙂

    Anyway, your wall looks nice, mas interesting pa siya 🙂 So now that you moved the bookshelves, may extra blank wall ka pa, is that where your prints will go ?

    1. hahahaha! i thought only the guys don’t like putting holes on walls. Meron rin palang babae.
      I am planning to make room for Aki’s study table there but I am too lazy to start the project

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