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Yey! Finally, a Green Leafy Dish that my Preschooler Likes


Thank you, Lord, for granting my prayers!  And thank you to Papa, my friend Ameron’ dad for the inspiration. His death anniversary is coming up so I dedicate this post to him. Ameron and I were officemates for many years. And in those years, I always looked forward to her lunch which was lovingly prepared by Papa. I love Papa’s calamares, grilled eggplants ( he is the reason why eggplants  are my favorite veggie) and his crispy kangkong. When I remembered Papa’s death anniv, I contacted Ameron for the kangkong  recipe. She said Papa left no recipe because like most great home chefs, Papa just knew the ingredient list and the procedure by heart. Ameron did say that Papa’s crispy kangkong was simple. Just dip the leaves in a bowl of beaten eggs and then dust with flour.  Since we were cooking a lot of leaves and only had 2 eggs left, I diluted flour with cold water. Then I remembered that for my Korean fried chicken, cornstarch was the key to crispy coating so I added that as well. Because I was pretending to be a great home chef like Papa, I did not measure and write down the recipe that I invented.  Ate Dorina suggested that we add eggs to lessen the oil splatter.  And so we dipped the kangkong leaves in my flour-cornstarch-egg-water mixture and deep fried them.  Once the leaves got crispy, we transferred them in a paper towel lined plate. Aki who loves anything that is crispy, enjoyed this appetizer with mayo mixed with Chiz Whiz. Franco and I like our crispy kangkong with garlic mayonnaise.

One of these days, we will try this using alugbati.

2 thoughts on “Yey! Finally, a Green Leafy Dish that my Preschooler Likes

    1. Jean, pwede ata ang spinach. I also read about kale chips. Kaso di ko naman alam yun kale. di kaya yun ang kangkong ng mga Amerikano?

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