We Heart Cafe Ilang-ilang @ Manila Hotel

We were ready to go home but we could not resist the call of  Manila Hotel which is just a several feet away from Manila Ocean Park.  Manila Hotel holds a special place in our hearts because this is where we had the reception of our wedding.  Plus they have the bestest cheesecake in town. It’s been awhile since we last went there. Cafe Ilang-ilang  now looks nothing like it used to 6 years ago when we had our food tasting. The place is much bigger now and has more food choices.

I enjoy eating buffet but I always end up feeling a tinge of regret. Since I don’t have the appetite of my husband, I feel like what I ate was not what we’re paying for.  I immediately get full or suya (what is suya or umay in English?). For this special dinner, I promised myself that I will got back to the buffet tables at least 5 times. My technique? Drink only when absolutely necessary. I wonder if there are other techniques on how to get the most out of buffets.

Moving on. Here is what I had. Sorry for the yellowish pictures. Someday but not today, I am going to learn how to color correct my pictures.

My first plate was from the Chinese buffet

Everything that I got from the continental and Filipino sections was yummy but it was the humba that I remember the most. Anyone who has a recipe?


From the Japanese buffet.
I ate fresh flowers for the first time
For dessert, I got blueberry crepe,


La Tour and Franco


And Aki’s leftovers, of course. As soon as we got seated, he asked the waiter for a Black Power Ranger cake. We got him a chocolate cake. All in all, he ate 2 slices of cake and pizza..

Oh speaking of pizza, we love the open kitchens. Aki and I hung out in the pizza section and observed and chatted with the friendly chef. Whenever possible, I try to show Aki how the food the we order are prepared. We love watching how they frost doughnuts in Krispe Kreme and  how dough is kneaded in Bread Talk.


What made this dinner even better was the promo for BDO cardholders. We only paid 50% off. We did not pay for Aki’s food because kids below 4 eat for free. Sweeeeet!


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