Family Field Trip: Manila Ocean Park {Part II}

Read the Part I here

With the arrival of his daddy, Aki’s energy supply was replenished. Aki enjoyed his first bump car ride, tried arcade games GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAand went to  RAD, a more high tech and expensive arcade on the 2nd floor.

While the boys playing a shooting game, I sampled the free massage c/o the stall that sells massage chairs. Franco hates that I try out services without the intention of buying but I always insist that I am open to possibilities. I have no plans of buying but if they convince me, I just might.

Here, I discovered that my camera was missing! waaah!!
I retraced my steps and found it at the store where I bought fish crackers earlier. Hooray for honest salesladies!

My little energizer bunny begged for another session at the Fish Spa. The daddy who initially did not want to try it,  had so so much fun.


Does anyone know if there are other places aside from MOP where there are doctor fsh?

We rested for a minute or two to admire the Manila Bay sunset. Nice eh?


On our way out, we noticed a poster of girl feeding fishies to penguins. This caught our attention. The daddy dearest the biggest kontrabulate in the world disapproved our suggestion to give it a try. Aki was sad. Really sad. I was too. I begged. I reasoned that in this part of the equator, how many kids can say that they have had close encounter with a penguin? He finally agreed. Yes!! Feeding penguins was one of the best memories of this summer! More pictures here

No trip to MOP is complete without checking out the Oceanarium. Before going inside the giant aquarium, there is a room full of interesting fish
pagea page9
The oceanarium was jam-packed! I am glad we stayed in the holding room earlier where we were able to comfortably enjoy the view.

Our last family photo there

Will we go back to Manila Ocean Park??

Oh yes!!


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