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Public Service Announcement: Uniwide is Closing Shop!

Waaaaaah! My happy place is closing for good next month. Special thanks to Tricia for sharing this terrible news. I am sure other Uniwide-fanatics like me felt both panic and sadness. If there is only a way I can save Uniwide… If only I had billions to buy and run Uniwide myself. Haaay.

I have been avoiding Uniwide for months but when I learned about the SEC order, I just had to give my final goodbye, thru shopping of course. Because Rachel was suddenly available, I had a shopping buddy. It was a fun fun day for us. First, the Aki and Coco fought over the scooter. Then we made pizza. Off we went to the Booksale Warehouse. Then to Uniwide. We had dinner at Jolliant. And then went back to the house where the little boys chased each other, the daddies talked about guns, bikes and paint guns and the mommies talked about anything and everything under the sun. The highlight of course was our trip to Uniwide. The best husband in the whole wide world, Franco, who vowed to never go back to Uniwide Coastal Mall, wholeheartedly drove us to Uniwide Sucat. The Sucat branch is much closer to us. It is also not as dusty. The selection is not as wide as that in Coastal Mall but good finds were still everywhere.

For the reference of those who are not from the Philippines, 1 US dollar is around 40 Philippine peso. Some of my favorite finds.

Greeting cards for 100 bucks per kilo


Are these the much-talked about washi tapes?


If you like owls, you’ve got to go to Uniwide. I got the yellow tea light candle holder owl on the right most top picture for only 79 pesosesoses. We are using it to drive away flies from our dining table


Cute piggy banks. If only they weren’t bulky, they make nice Christmas and birthday gifts to Aki’s classmates.


I fell in love with the prints on this tray but I have no use for it so I sadly put it back


These mixing bowls were adorable. Both tray and bowls and other melaware items were only 90 pesos per kilo.


Cute cookie jars but they don’t come with rubber something which would have made them air tight and better for storing freshly baked goods. There were choices though in Coastal Mall


These are for spices. If memory serves me right, which is likely not the case, they cost around 29 pesos.


I got 8 of these glasses. Since they are thicker than the ones we got from the public market and from the grocery, hopefully, they will last longer.


Bakeware. The red and white one is from KitchenAid and cost only 169 bucks. The white square with leafy details is from Paula Deen and cost only 129. The rest sell for 69 pesos.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

I could not resist theses pretty yellow and blue tea cups! So cute, right? They were only 12 bucks each.


I am slightly regretting that I did not buy these. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

These white cups were only, hold your breath, 5 pesos each. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

If my house was dainty and was not run by a preschooler, I might have bought these two


This one is only 39 bucks and would definitely add a soshal feel to any bathroom. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

I will super miss Uniwide!!!

37 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: Uniwide is Closing Shop!

  1. Sad… We used to shop at Uniwide C5 Libis. There so many great but cheap finds. Back then I was a struggling college student and I only had Php 100 in my pocket. Would you believe that I was able to shop three gifts? I got my two friends cute clown figurines and a set of elegant tea cups for a mentor, who is about to get married. At may sukli pa ako 😉

    1. i heard until july 7 but i dont see official report about the last day. Di rin alam ng mga saleslady na mawawalan na sila ng trabahp 😦

  2. OMG! I need those bowls for baking! Super mura! I think kailangan ko ng ayain si Cj sa uniwide!

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