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Finally, Homecooked Fries that aren’t Soggy

Cooking French fries used to be very frustrating. They always turn out soggy and extremely oily. The fries that I used to make were nothing close to the French fries that I buy from Mcdonald’s. Thanks to the summer 2012 issue of Cook’s Country, I learned the secret. Instead of dropping frozen fries in a pot of really hot oil, room-temperature oil and potatoes are cooked the same time. Simply put fries in a pot, add oil and cook over high heat covered. I was supposed to follow the recipe and let the potatoes cook for 15 minutes without stirring. Stir to prevent the potatoes from sticking and cook until slightly golden. My mistake is that I used an opaque pot cover. When I checked  my fries after 10 minutes, almost half of them were already toasted!


Yikes.They were still very good though.  Using my brand-new slotted spoon which I got from Uniwide, which in case you do not know will be closing shop soon (will try to blog about that), I transferred the potatoes to a paper-napkin-lined plate. Aki and I enjoyed our fries with our Belgian-style dip. French Fries with Belgian dip. How soshal, right?! The Belgian dip is actually just thousand island dressing with a garlic clove pressed thru a garlic press.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to regularly check your potatoes.

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