Aki's Toddler Years · Akisms


Recent questions

Aki: Ano yun bad luck?

Aki: Ano yun extinct?


This is the I'm-being-my-silly-self face
This is the I’m-being-my-silly-self face

We were in Makati Shang lang Saturday. The family’s official photographer, my father-in-law was taking the family picture when this very nice and very tall American guy approached us and offered to the take family pic.

Aki to the tall American: Are you a giant?


Scenes whenever we require Aki to sit down and practice his handwriting.

But, my hands are small and tired.

*fake cough* I am sick

Pawis na ako!

Poopsie ako!

I’m hungry!

Tubig please!

I don’t like writing. Writing make me not happy

And let us know forget that he likes to pretend to suddenly fall asleep.

LORD, pls give me patience!

And this is the nasermoman-po-ako-ng-nanay-ko face
And this is the nasermoman-po-ako-ng-nanay-ko face


Aki may not be a fan of writing (hey, I can’t blame him. I hate writing too), but he likes letter sounds. We choose a word and he will guess the first letter. This exercise made me realize how complex the English alphabet is. These is so much memorization needed unlike with the Filipino alphabet. Example, letter C sounds like letter K and letter S.

While I was bathing Aki, we were enumerating the names of the characters in Rise of the Guardians movie
Aki: How about Santa?
Me: What do you think?
Aki: Sssanta! (Pauses) … Sssss. C!
Me (smiling): No, Aki.Letter S. Sssss
Aki (smiling and thinking the words to use) Mom…..thank you…to…teaching…hirap letohs (letters)!


I always put away small toys that are included in the  loot bags that we receive. Either, we use them as prizes for future parties or we donate to less fortunate kids. Aki was acting out last weekend because I would not give him the camera toy included in the loot bag of the last party we attended.

Aki (with tears and acting that make him deserving of the FAMAS Best Child Actor Award):

But I yant (want) that toy! ….That pindot toy is cool. Is make me so happy.. Please.. mommy… please..Bigay sakin yun sa party eh


Aki: Hey! No moving!
Me: Huh?
Aki: Is only massaging you
Me: Huh?
Aki: My pet nyanyaw hand massage ka.

Translation: Don’t move your hand and shoo away the fly. My pet fly was only giving you a hand massage


Me: Aki, tanda mo pa yun Ate natin bago dumating si Ate Doring?
Aki shook his head
Me: Ate H! Alam mo kung saan na siya?
Aki: Patay na!
Me: Hindi siya patay noh!
Aki: Bakit (hindi siya patay)?


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