Aki's Toddler Years · Memoirs of a Mummy


Have you seen the Scarface movie? I have and if I may add, unwillingly. I don’t like seeing too much violence. Apparently, for the male species, particularly my husband, too much violence can be relative.

Speaking of male species, just when I thought I am already immuned to the heartattack that little boys give their mothers because of their naturally adventurous spirit, I realized that I will probably worry and panic until Aki is in his 40’s. We were in my sister-in law’s house for my darling baby niece’s 5th month birthsary. It was raining. Aki was playing near the door when he stepped and slipped on the floor rug and hit the corner of a coffee table. He let out a faint cry, a sign that he was really hurt. I rushed to him to give comfort and reassurance that he will be okay. When I lifted his head, I saw blood gushing from his forehead to his cheeks. Aki has had a lot of wounds but none was as deep as this one. I never had a wound that bled as much.

Normally, I am a panicky person. I worry even if there is nothing solid to worry about. Surprisingly,  I only panicked for a second or two and immediately switched to my okay-here-is-what-needs-to-be-done mode. Here is what played in my head right away after I realized Aki’s cut might be serious

1. Aki’s HMO card is in the catch-all brown box
2. I will bring Aki to Asian Hospital and not the nearby hospital. I did not have a good experience the last time I went to the hospital-that-must-not-be-named  and my fear is they might use a lazy daisy stitch on Aki’s cut
3. Must call Shar later to check if plastic surgery is covered by our HMO
4. Scanning the room. Where’s Tatay? We need someone to drive us to the hospital
5. Looking down. Oh good. I am wearing a bra and denim shorts. I am ready to leave

Lucky for us, there were 2 nurses in the house. Both assured that we don’t need to bring Aki to Asian Hospital. We applied cold compress until the bleeding stopped. We applied Betadine and then Bactroban and finally a  band-aid to cover the cut. I read recently that it is a myth that wounds heal faster when they are exposed

Oh wait, I just realized that I have not yet seen Scarface. I was referring to the The Godfather movies.  Haha.
Aki was running again in a few minutes. He was so okay and back to his old self that he almost had a timeout.

Here is how it looked like 2 hours after he slipped. Scary right? It looked like a little toothless but ruthless mouth


The next day

Ten days after


How I wish I am recovering from that incident as fast as Aki did. I feel a slight panic every time  I see sharp corners.  I feel like I need to cover them or tell Aki to watch out. I have never had broken bones or cuts that needed to be stitched. I feel like I have to be extra vigilant all the time. Aki was 2 meters away from me when he slipped.  *sigh*

18 thoughts on “Scarface

  1. Hey Maqui – were you able to ask Shar if plastic surgery is included in the HMO? Nacurious ako bigla.. sorry to for the super late comment as I’m sure Aki is now well. But what a horrible feeling you both must have at that time. Kisses to you and Aki! (whenever I see a box of Irish Spring, I remember him! :)))

  2. Part of growing up and part of mommy’s dose of heart attacks 😉
    Dear Aki,
    Please don’t give Mommy so life threatening surprises 😉

  3. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder for being a calm mummy and thinking of the important things to do especially if you were wearing a bra and denim shorts. 🙂 Oooh that Voldemort-of-a-hospital. Walang tibay na maasahan nga dun.

  4. Oh poor Aki! I bet that really hurt! Zephyr, my 2 year old boy is so makulit too! He keeps on jumping on anything, running around the house, slamming himself on whatever… And I can’t keep him in one place! Boys will be boys, I guess… =)

  5. Oh dear God. Moments like this give me a heart attack! This reminds me of when Tala accidentally put her finger in the electric fan last week. She has a deep cut too that went through the nail. 😦

  6. Wow, you and Aki are so brave! But honestly, like you, I tend to leave the panicking to the others (like the yaya). There’s so much more important things to do, like getting the first aid kit. On the other hand, why don’t you buy corner cushions for the tables, etc.?

    1. Maan, our house is almost empty kase nga im scared of corners. Aki knows the areas where he needs to be extra careful. the accident happened in my sister in law’s house. now im so praning whenever we are out.:(

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