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Lucky Chopsuey

I have been feeling uninspired lately. So many things floating on my head. So many things I want to do at home, with my family and on this blog but I feel so drained when I get home and even after I wake up in the morning. I have so many drafts in my head. So many pictures to resize and to watermark but who has the time? Well just for today, because I am on leave, I am forcing myself to make time for blogging.  Last year, my goal was to have at lest 25 posts every month. Knowing I won’t be as dedicated to blogging as I used to be, I am pegging the monthly target starting this quarter to 20 posts.

Deep breath. Here goes. I hope I get to finish 5 entries today. I am going to start with a chopsuey post, as Em calls.

Sometime last April, Franco, Aki and I went to Makati for my make-up shopping. Franco has been very supportive of my vanity project and even volunteered to accompany me when I scout for that perfect lipstick, blush, powder, brush etc. So sweet of him but I immediately said no thanks because shopping for make up is best done with girlfriends. Lucky me, I have friends who are experts in the beauty department and are always just a text a way. When I realized that all my make-up are already expired and that I need new ones, I had no doubt that it should be my fellow mommy blogger friends, Maggie and Sha, who would accompany me. More on that shopping trip in a separate post.

Because we had time to kill that morning, we went to our favorite mall in the whole wide world, Makati Cinema Square. Booksale, as usual, is the first order of the day. Normally, when Franco is done checking out the Marvel comic books and the new jujitsu magazines on stock, the boys leave me. They move on to the next store because they don’t have the patience to wait for me to finish. I, on the other hand, sit on the floor, kneel, scour for additional books for our family library and spend hours and hours there. Until of course Franco sends that irritated WHERE-ARE-YOU SMS.  After book shopping, I found my boys in our family’s favorite donut joint, Dunkin Donuts. Franco and Aki were each holding a donut and asking me to guess who were they copying. Can you guess? Doesn’t Franco look so much like Derek Ramsey forehead up?


After MCS, off we went to Glorietta where our favorite Timezone branch is. Oh  yes, the Timezone and Gogo Balls fever is going strong. We have two favorite attractions now. We love the 5-D adveNtures.


And this game.


Basically, you just press the button and pray that you shoot the ball in the jackpot or 100 hole.


Franco and I have been trying to be very scientific. We watch how successful players do it and try to time when we press the button.

But guess who is not scientific but still gets the jackpot?

While waiting for Maggie and Sha, Aki got 2 jackpot and one 100 drops. And when I was out with the girls, Aki got even luckier. Good job, beybe!


I will probably bring this lucky charm to the casino one of these days.


4 thoughts on “Lucky Chopsuey

  1. Hahaha.. just when i thought ako lang mag isa ang hindi makapagblog..apiiir, sister!

    Naku, na-pressure ako sa monthly target posts mo when I first read it. I felt like “yaikes, kelangan ko din magdouble time”. Ayun, ang kinalabasan, 2posts per month.. waaah! Who has all the time in the world, anyway? Baka pwede humingi kahit extra 2 hours lng 🙂

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