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A Tale of Two Preschools

In a few weeks, we will formally say good-bye to toddlerhood.  Once school starts in June, Aki will be a preschooler. Are you excited for him? Me? Not so much. In school, lessons will now be more academic. I hope he responds positively.

When I enrolled him last year for toddler classes, my main goal was to improve his social and communication skills. Until my chubby giggly super cutie niece Baby Dumpling was born last December, Aki was the only kid in the Endaya family. I wanted Aki to have friends from the same age group.  Seeing how confident, friendly and talkative Aki is now, his first ever school definitely exceeded our expectations.

However, for a week or two, I had second thoughts if I should still enroll Aki in that school for nursery.  Academic-wise, I was not sure if Aki did learn a lot of new things after 1 year of school. I also notice that he has become less interested in writing and drawing.  But then again, I had not been as hands-on when it comes to introducing Aki to concepts like I used to be. Before, I would research for activities related to letters, numbers, shapes and colors that we can do on weekends.

What made me doubt the first school really was Aki’s trial summer classes in this nearby school. For purposes of comparison let’s name Aki’s first school as School A and his summer school School B

School B
– Cost-wise, this school costs 20K more than School A. What is good here is that the fee already includes 2 sets of uniform and school materials
– More traditional. They have quizzes and exams.I don’t mind the traditional method of teaching since we plan on enrolling Aki to a traditional big school anyway.
– Very focused on academics. As what one of the teachers told me, the competition in big schools is so much different now. I was impressed when the teacher told me that at the end of the nursery, their students are expected to be able to write their full names, count objects and identify letter sounds etc.
– The classroom was spacious and the library and audiovisual room was very nice.
– Nursery kids have daily 2-3 page homework.
– They have two major presentations every year. Both presentations are held in Insular Auditorium in Alabang. No need to pay for entrance but they collect a not so small fee for costumes. Teacher said last year the costumes cost more or less 2K.
– There are 4 nursery classes. Student teacher ratio is 12:1
– Classes run for 2 hours
– This school is just 10 minutes from our house. We don’t need to pay for school bus.
– I also like that when they introduce a concept, they introduce them thru songs, movements, stories, food and writing.

School A
– Tuition fee is reasonable but does not yet include the books, uniform and school materials. I was pleased though when the head teacher said they kept Aki’s materials from last year so we don’t need to buy new ones.
– Nursery classes run for 3 hours (toddler class runs for 2 hours). This means more learning opportunities and hopefully more returns for our money.
– What really made me choose this school when I was still hunting for a playschool, was that they have 30 minutes of free play. They use this time for one-on-one teaching and for checking for social skills.
– For toddlers, the class size was 16 with 4 teachers. For nursery, I think there would be less teachers. I was not able to ask.
– The classrooms are smaller. I also felt like the walls were over-stimulating. Good news is that when I visited school recently, they were repainting and adding new rooms.
– They have homework but it is not daily
– I also like the small community feel of the school. Presentations are done in the school. Parents are discouraged from buying costumes. For the Christmas and Halloween parties and also for the family day, instead of collecting a fee or having food stalls, families were encouraged to bring food for sharing.

In the end, we decided that Aki will stay in his first school. I talked to the head teacher and she was very assuring. When she talked to me, it felt like she really knows my son. What really made me choose School A over School B are the teachers. I find them friendlier and more approachable. I think Aki would be more comfortable around them and more receptive to learning.

On my part, I promise to be more hands on. I will review Aki on his lessons and find related activities.

Here are pictures from the Moving Up Day.


The theme was The 60’s.


Boys were asked to wear shades, a jacket and a plain white shirt. Last December, I did not read the memo carefully. Come presentation, Aki was the only one who was not wearing green. Yikes. To redeem myself, for the last presentation of the school year, I went to different ukay shops to look for a leather jacket for my boy. Fail. SM, as usual, saved the day. In fact, it saved the day for the other classmates because at least 5 other boys wore the same jacket. Haha.

It took 30 minutes and almost a time out to gel Aki’s hair. His crazy sweaty hair was back in time for the presentation though.

The kids requested for a pop song. Teachers chose Live While We are Young. I think it was a very good choice. As you can see, Aki really enjoyed the song. Too bad, we don’t have a clear picture when Aki was really into the song. And I mean really into the song. See top left picture. How I wish someone also took pictures of us proud parents of those cute boys as they were jumping up and down whenever it came to the chorus. Crazy crazy till we see the sun. Those kids know how to have fun! I don’t know if it was just me but I got teary eyed seeing Aki and his friends singing their hearts out

1pageBtw, Aki got an award. Actually, all the kids got an award. Haha. Aki got an award for his storytelling skills in both English and Filipino. So proud of you, Aki!

For security purposes, I won’t be sharing the name of Aki’s school but if there is anyone who is interested to know or has questions about preschools in this side of Paranaque, please shoot me a message via the Contact Maqui page.

56 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Preschools

  1. Hi! I just moved in here at Sucat near Sm BF. do you happen to know any school nearby for my 3 year old son. Thanks

  2. hi maqui, im also from paranaque. im planning to transfer my daughter to another school, she is from school A right now, may i know school B? thank you 🙂

  3. Hi maqui,,,may i know what are the names of school a and school b?? Kasi im planning na mag schooling na si baby ko when he turns 2 next year. We just moved here in paranaque, and i have no idea saang magandang schools dito. Tia!! 😊

  4. hi there! my daughter turned two already and she have been asking me if she is going to school. can you let me know the name and details of school A? thank you very much!

  5. hello!

    can you also email me name of school A & B? i just moved in here in Parañaque & I’ve been looking for a month now where to send my 2yr old.

    thank you so much in advance 🙂

  6. Can you please send me the name of both schools (school a and b)? We’re also looking for a good school for our boy 🙂

  7. Hi were staying in Philippines (Parañaque) for 6 months and he’s supposed to be in Preschool this year but since we have to go back home for few months we are now planning to send him in Preschool, Does the Schools A and B are English exclusive? My son can’t talk or understand our tagalog language =(

      1. hi. i’m also interested where these preschools are. would you send me an email as well. thanks

      1. hi Maqui! first time here, 🙂

        Can you also send me details about the school? address? tuition? other expenses? Thanks much!! 🙂

  8. Hi. We’re moving to Paranaque soon and I’m currently looking for a preschool for my daughter. May I know the name of the schools you mentioned? Thanks!

  9. Hey Maqui! I think I may have deleted your email for some reason. Do you think you can resend? I was hoping to find out the name of School A. Sana malapit lang sa lilipatan namen sa Paranaque. 🙂

  10. Hi! May I know the name of the school? My son is turning 3 and we’re looking for a school in that area. Thanks in advance:)

  11. Hey Maqui! Nice blog 🙂 May I know what School A was? Also, baka naman you can send me some info din on preschools in Paranaque. Thanks!

  12. Hi, hope you could share school A and B. I have 2 kids, girl turning 3 this May and boy turning 5 this Sept. 🙂 thanks

      1. Hi Maqui,
        May I know the name of school A? I’m also looking for a new school for my 4 yr old son. I’ve been to kidsville last time to inquire but I find it too expensive atm. TIA! 🙂

  13. awww! i got teary eyed when i attended my nephew’s moving up day. what more a mom diba? 🙂

    i guess school A din suited your family too. knowing how practical and sensible you are… di ko maimagine na ikaw, spending 2K for a one-time big-time costume. hahaha 😉

  14. Congrats Aki! Bigay todo sa kanta ah..
    Next year sis papasok ko na din si Zephyr sa school..
    He’ll be turning 3 this July, pero he already knows ABCs & counting..
    Hopefully, bago siya pumasok, marunong na siya magsulat..
    Excited nako sa mga kwento mo about Aki & the big school! 😀

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