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Gift Wrapping for Baby W and Baby X

When was the last time I blogged about gift wrapping? December?

Several of Aki’s classmates celebrated their 4th birthdays this year but I have been a very lazy gift wrapper. I just turned to my go-to spiderweb design.

Last Sunday, feeling inspired because of the gifts my boys gave me, I excitedly wrapped the books for Baby W and Baby Z.

For Baby W, I individually wrapped each book using craft paper and Japanese paper, stacked them  and bundled them.


The gifts look nice from the aerial view but something seemed missing if you look at them from a far.

So, I made a half pompom. See tutorial here.


By this time, my fingers were getting tired already so I wanted a simpler gift wrap for Baby X’s books. I checked my craft stash and found a hot pink cloth and a purple tulle. Very girly.

A minute later, the books were ready


The final touches were the pink feathers that I grabbed from Aki’s sipa.

In the note, I told Baby X’s mommy that she can use the tulle for childproofing their electric fan.

Belated happy birthday, Baby W ans Baby Z!  Hope you like our gifts.

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