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For Emily and for All the Little Princesses: The Paper Bag Princess

Since my kid is a boy, I prefer books where the main character is also a boy. Stories about princesses and ballet do not get him excited as dinosaurs and worms do. But since I can’t stop thinking about Emily, I often get so close to bringing home books like  Pinkalicious, Eloise, Madeline and Olivia. There is a  princess book that I could not resist buying though. I try not to buy books that cost more than 100 bucks in Booksale but this anniversary edition of the Paper Bag Princess is extra special. It is nothing like that sugar-sweet damsel-in-distress princess stories that I grew up reading. This book was written by the same author who wrote I Love You Forever.


The story starts with the usual princess opening line. Elizabeth was a beautiful princess…


It gets interesting when a dragon burns her castle and all her pretty princess things and kidnaps Prince Ronald, her fiance.

Fortunately for Ronald, Elizabeth is no pushover princess. Wearing only a paper bag since all her princess clothes were burned, she set out to save her prince. I love how Elizabeth won over the dragon without resorting to violence. She challenges the dragon to burn forests and fly around the world.  The dragon successfully accomplished the Elizabeth’s challenges but got so tired that it fell asleep. Elizabeth rescues Ronald.  It does not end there.


Ronald was ungrateful and told Elizabeth to come back when she looks more like a princess. Elizabeth realizes that Ronald is conceited jerk. They did not get married after all and she lived happily ever after.


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