Aki's Toddler Years · Memoirs of a Mummy

The Best Reality Show on Earth

The most rewarding part of being a parent is that opportunity to watch a helpless infant grow into an independent person full of personality. Parenthood really is the best reality show. It was not so long ago when all Aki did was eat poop cry and sleep. Now he is mastering new skills everyday.

He tries and likes dressing himself up without any help
He wants his own me-time as he bathes himself in his bath tub


Now, he is brave enough to step on and off the escalator. Sometimes, he even pushes our hands away because he wants to cross all by himself.


Yesterday, he got really upset because the guard in his school helped him get inside our van. He cried so much because he wanted to climb without help.

Shy is not one of the best adjectives to describe Aki. Lately, I noticed that he is more confident when talking to adults. So cute when he taps the hand of a waiter, says eschoos me, and gives his order. In this picture, he is talking to his new friend. He left our table to check out the view and soon he was buddy-buddies with the security guard.


He has also been mastering how to skip with one leg.


What makes me super proud these days is that Aki can now pronounce the letter R. Remember the watermelon-yotomelon-tubigmelon? After lots and lots of practice, he can now say yotohrrr-melon! So proud!

Advance happy mother’s day!

8 thoughts on “The Best Reality Show on Earth

  1. Happy mothers day to you and your Mom, Maquibels! Being a parent is indeed the best reality show on earth and also the best job in the whole wide world kahit bali-baliktarin pa ang mundo! 🙂

  2. Aki is so cute! My boy is still a baby, pero si Aki na ata peg ko sa kanya pag toddler. Haha!

    PS: I actually discovered your blog searching for financial management for the family. Now, I’m officially hooked! 😀

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