Happy Labor Day!

So nice to have an extra rest day, eh?

Have you noticed anything new in this blog? Whatchatink? Ever since Leslie updated her blog, the inggitera in me has been wanting to change the look of our cyber home.  Until this morning, I thought only paying WordPress users can have custom menus. Click here if you also want to add this feature to your WP blog. I will be updating the menu links and my blogroll and hopefully try to figure out how to change the header in the days in come.

Anyhoo, back to labor day.  To everyone who is paying tax and contributing in building our economy, cheers to us! And if you are also working in the Human Resource field like me, this is for you

HR was never made to be a job
It is a vocation; a career
Like priesthood or the nunnery, you have to be selfless.
before yourself, others first
You must be self-secured, composed and self-assured
you must have self-respect.You cannot be bought.

Never fall in envy if others will be higher than you in kind.
Never sob for there will be no word of compliment for you.
You must never fail to teach, to bring forth the best in people.
Twenty-four hours a day work will never be enough.
yet you still bear burden of faults.

Smile even if it pains inside.
be resilient and strong.
Exude a fresh and happy disposition.
be the sunshine to all.
And when all else fails…Be the pillar of strength.

Honor any information given to you
Keep it and know how to handle what others tell you.
You must be trusted.
Keep your doors open so people can see you.
So people can talk to you.

Never show your tears, Freeze them.
There is never a day-off in your career.
You must learn to bring your office problems to bed.
Color it if you must, so your dreams will be interesting.
You will never be served.
You must be tireless. You will not rest.

You will say “NO!” when everyone says “YES!”
when everyone actually wants to say “NO!”
but was afraid to say so.
You chose a career that must sell and serve. So die if you must.

In HR you will never be king or queen. But, you will be the MAKER


6 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day!

  1. Em says:

    Naks! 🙂

    I actually noticed that u have a new blog template the other day pa kaso nagdadalawang isip akong batiin since im just using my mobile to read your blog at baka naman last week pa bago yan 🙂

    I’m not a tax payer and yet ang dami kong reklamo. How I wished tho that 50% of Khan’s tax directly goes to my pocket instead of corrupt politicians. 😉 Happy Labor day!

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