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DIY Abstract Art

Our house needs a personality boost. I am getting bored with the look and feel of the house. The walls are bare. The pillow cases look sad. Aki’s playroom under the stairs is forever a mess. Unfortunately, having a curious toddler means thinking twice about putting any decoration.

This simple project aimed to give the walls a splash of colors. This activity was inspired by the tape painting that Aki did last December (which was inspired by Leslie’s blog) and by the abstract paintings in Doc Samonte’s clinic.

We needed

A large canvass – can’t remember the exact size but it was about as big as an illustration board
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Little wooden things that come with the canvass.
Masking Tape

First, I randomly put masking tape around the canvass. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of it.

Then, we assigned areas of the canvass to each family member. Because Aki kept on over-mixing the colors, he was given only a small corner to paint on. That did not stop him from trying to mess up the little abstract paintings that Franco and I did. Sorry, no pictures again while we were painting. The istambay daddy was topless because it was so hot.

When we were happy with our creation, we let the painting dry for a couple of hours.


After removing the masking tape…



Nice eh?

I did these


Here’s Aki’s corner. Not bad, right? I call it An Elephant’s Purple Dreams


Now, we just need to decide where to put the painting and when to do the next one. 🙂

11 thoughts on “DIY Abstract Art

  1. I love abstracts! Ok pala yang masking tape art. Pag kami gumawa niyan baka 2/3 ang kay kelsea at hati na kami ni mark sa 1/3 hehe. Sana magka-time kami gumawa ng ganyan 🙂

  2. I’m so loooving the art Maqui! Magnifique! WInner! Lahat na! 😀 ang fun talaga ng blog mo 🙂

  3. Ang galing naman, and because it’s a family labor of love, mas meaningful and worth it sya. 🙂

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