Akisms · Memoirs of a Mummy


Aki: Mummy, ako Fah-yoh (fire) Payo Yeinjo (power ranger).
Mummy: Pano ako?
Aki (looking at my colorful dress): Ikaw yeinbow (rainbow) yeinjo. Si Daddy, ligh-ning (lightning) yeinjo.
Mummy: Eh si Ate?
Aki (saw Ate watering the plants): Yoter (water) yeinjo!


Aki: Mummy, I call you pincess (princess)
Mummy: Hindi, si Emily ang princess.
Aki: No. Ikaw pincess.
Mummy: Ok. Eh si Daddy
Aki: King
Mummy: Si Ate?
Aki: Queen
Mummy: At ikaw?
Aki: Payo yeinjo!


Aki: Mummy, pacman eggs fiiiis..
Mummy: Hmm.. Isipin ko pa..
Aki (hugs my legs and sings in the tune of the theme song): Go go power mummy. Go go mummy mummy.

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