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Feeding the Penguins @ Manila Ocean Park

Warning: photo overload ahead.

Happy Monday!!

I can’t get over how fun last Saturday was. I got to do 3 things for the first time

1) Eat edible flowers

2) Get “eaten” by fish

3) Feed penguins

The family field trip to Manila Ocean Park was much way better that I imagined it to be. Our dinner buffet at our favorite hotel, the Manila Hotel, was the best way to end the day. I will blog about our weekend as soon as I am able to go thru the 400 plus pictures I took.

For now, I would like to share our pictures with the penguins. Aki kept saying “I’m Mr. Popper! I’m Mr Popper!”. Franco and I hesitated at first. It was already past 7PM. We’ve been in the park before 8:30 in the morning. We were already dog tired when Aki begged us. This quick activity was also quite expensive. We paid 500 bucks for 3 sardines. After seeing how sad Aki was after we told him “Next time”, I convinced Franco that since we were already there, might as well as get  the most out of the experience.

Boy, was I right. The fee that we paid was nothing compared to Aki’s priceless happiness.








16 thoughts on “Feeding the Penguins @ Manila Ocean Park

  1. Omegad! Sayang hindi kami nakasama. 😦 Puyat ang lola mo that day so I wasn’t able to respond to your text and call! Waaaa! Anyway, we’ll try to bring Cyler sa birthday nya dyan sa Ocean Park. Ang cool nyang penguin feeding chuvaloo na yan ah! Fun! 😉

  2. WOW!! inggit moment for me.. hehehehe.. I want to do that too.. take note on the ” I “.. hehehe..
    Ang sarap ng tawa and ngiti ni Aki… worth it na 500bucks!! 🙂

  3. Hi Maqui! I love Aki’s face! Halatang-halata, super happy siya! 🙂 Was that at the Fun Familia of Smart? Smartee ba si Franco? Nanghinayang ako bigla. I registered sa 8 Waves eh. Na-meet sana kita in person. 🙂

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