Building His Confidence and Encouraging Curiosity

.. at the grocery!

Me to the Saleslady: Miss, nasaan po yun baking soda niya?
Saleslady: Wala p

Aki to Me: Mummy, ano yun baking soda?
Me: Ginagamit natin yun pag gumagawa tayo ng volcano

Aki to the saleslady (sounds demanding but he didn’t really mean to sound like that): Bakit wala kayo baking soda?!
Saleslady to her supervisor: Mam, tinatanong po niya kung bakit daw wala tayong baking soda.
Manager: Kase naubusan.
Me: Aki, naubusan daw. Ok na ba yun?
Aki: Ok.
Me: Anong gusto mo sabihin sa kanila.
Aki: Tenchu po

In the fruit section, I spied on a possibly cool toy, a used cardboard roll for plastic bags. It is 10 times thicker than a tissue roll so it seemed to have more staying power.

Me: Aki, kita mo ba yun? What do you think?
Aki flashes a big smile
Me: Halika, tanung natin kung pwedeng atin na lang.
Me to the sales lady: Miss, may itatanong po yun anak ko
Aki(points to the cardboard roll): Pede akin na lang ito?
Saleslady (smiling, hands Aki the toy): Ito Kuya o.
Aki: Saaamat po!


This is the new toy. Aki immediately proclaimed that it is a telescope. For most of the grocery trip, he pretended to be Captain Aki and the cart was his ship.


Until, something caught  his attention.


Aki to me: Bakit taas siya?
Me: I don’t know. Gusto mo siya tanungin?
Aki nodded.
Me: Ok
We went to the sales guy to ask but he was busy assisting customers. When he was already available,
Aki: Chis chus me (excuse me), bakit taas ikaw?
Sales guy: Kumuha lang ng mic para sa customer
Aki: Bakit siya bili mic?
Me: Aki, you want to ask her?
Aki suddenly got shy and shook his head.
Me: May sasabihin ka ba kay kuya?
Aki: Tenks po.


In the tricycle going home
Aki: Iz so windy!!
Aki: Mummy, ano ito?

Me: Hmm, tanung natin si Kuya
Aki: Ano ito?
Kuya: toolbox
Aki: Ano yun?
Kuya (shows what’s inside): Lalagyan lang
Me to Aki: Ok na ba yun?
Aki to Kuya: Samaat po!


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