Memoirs of a Mummy

Where will she sleep?

Lately, I can’t stop thinking of Emily.

It does not help that Aki loves being called Kuya Aki.

Maybe this is because I have two cute giggling baby nieces, Rya and Bella. Little girls’ clothes are so pretty. And there are so many cute projects to do with little girls. I love the little sweet voices of little girls.  I want to have a girly-girl party for a change. I want, I want, I want a baby girl.

But, there is something that I need to figure out before deciding to have baby number two.

Where will she sleep???

Aki has been adamant that he will sleep in the matrimonial bed until he is 18. I don’t mind actually because I love waking up next to, sometimes under Aki .

I think we can fit in another family member in the bed but the issue is the bedmates. Aki is a roly poly when he is sleeping. He kicks, head butts and leans using his elbows. Franco does not move much. In fact, he does not move at all even if there is already an arm under his heavy leg. It also does not help that all three of us likes to sleep with lots of pillows. I don’t think that is safe if you have a newborn in the bed.

Oh well, Emily (or Jayden), I just want you to know that I love you and have been thinking of you. Since your kuya is the best family planning method in town (let me know if there is anyone who wants to borrow him), I don’t think we will be seeing you anytime soon.

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