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The worst gift to give this summer

… is a jacket!


But when Aki got into his dino obsession, I just had to do this easy project.

First, using a cardbord pattern, I cut diamonds from my felt cloth stash. I am glad I finally got to use those. I hoarded on felt cloth in 2011 thinking I will never get tired of sewing but I did. My husband will probably nag me for the rest of my life had I pushed thru with buying a sewing machine.

Wait. Where was I?

Oh, for this project, I needed a jacket, diamond felt cut outs and my sewing kit.

I sew, sewed, saw, what is the past tense of sew?? stitched the diamonds on the back of the jacket.


Folded the diamonds and sewed (Thanks, Mr Google!)  them into triangles.

And that’s it! A stegosaurus jacket for my little T-rex.


Unfortunately, just like what happened when Franco and I gave the study chair a makeover, Aki was not pleased. With this scorching heat,  I don’t blame him. It took a lot of bribing, begging and finally pretending to be angry, just to get him to wear the jacket and stay still for my camera.

He was happiest when I let him take of the jacket. Oh well.


Even if my customer was not happy, I am very pleased with my DIY hoodie-saurus. Hopefully, in 9 months, when the cool breeze of December is here, he will appreciate it too.

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