In House Magic Show

We are going home to Elbi tonight! Yey! Aki has been having the time of his life. I would not say the same for myself but the last 4 days had not been that bad. If there is something good about Aki’s first vacation without us, that would be more couple time for me and Franco. Since Aki is not here, I don’t pressure myself to leave the house and go home early to avoid the traffic. Now, Franco and I get to eat breakfast and dinner. We have more meaningful and nonsense conversations, more petty fights and more kisses and cuddles. These are usually reserved for weekends since  we work on different schedules.

Anyhoo, Franco is notorious in his family for having flavors of the month. He is always interested in something new  and in no time, will jump into another obsession. Fighting fish, arnis, dieting, dogs, name it. Early this year, he was obsessed about magic.

See for yourself, the coolest and funniest magic show in this part of Bicutan.

Did you get the last part? He made the coin jump out of his mouth!! Isn’t that amazing?

No?? I know!! Haha. But as you can hear from the falcetto of my kilig laugh, I am such  fan of this silly magician.


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