2013 Vanity Project: MCS and St. Francis Shopping Finds

For little trinkets for my home, my happy place is Uniwide. For new clothes for my 2013 anti-loshang slash vanity project, my new go to places are St Francis Square and this ukay-ukay (second hand) store in Makati Cinema Square.

When I was fresh out of college, going to ukay ukay stores excited me. That was until someone told me that if the original owner died horrendously, the new owner will get nightmares. Because I am silly when it comes to superstitions and scared of nightmares, I put an end to my thrift shopping spree. Just last month, my interest in treasure hunting  came back. Aki was supposed to wear a black jacket for his 60’s theme Moving Up ceremony in school. Last December, because I did not read the memo carefully, Aki wore a blue top when everyone in his class wore green for the Christmas presentation. I want to redeem myself this time by making sure he’ll look 60’s-ish. I went to as many ukay stores to look for a leather jacket. I did not find one but I found 5 skirts for my vanity project. Yey! Part of my to do list for the vanity project is to wear a skirt at least once a month. I looked everywhere for skirts but the ones I see are either too girly, too frilly or too bold for me. Thanks to this ukay store in MCS, I got 5 skirts in one trip.

3page 1page

and the best part.. guess how much?

Four skirts for 100 pesos (1 US$= 40 PhP) !! What I also like is that this corner ukay store at the lower ground floor does not  smell bad unlike most thrift shops I have been to.

Can someone teach me what to pair this long denim skirt with?


I initially had second thoughts on this one but for  25 bucks ( US$0.60),  even if I make this a throw pillow cover, it is still a good deal.

For tops, I like St Francis Square.
The loose tank top is only 80 pesos. I got three.
The yellow top is only 120 bucks. I bought another one in white.
I bought two pairs of shorts. They’re only 150 pesos each.

I also bought 2 pairs of office pants. One was only 150 while the other was 450.

My favorite St Francis finds are these


According to the salesladies and to the tag, both are overruns from Forever 21.  The 3/4 sleeves top is only 350 while the ethnic themed semi hanging shirt is only 100 pesos. Nice buys, right?

Okay, let’s make a recap of the things I have done and haven’t done for my vanity project. Super thanks to my very helpful online friends who commented on my last vanity post.
– Buy a full length mirror.
– Start using BB cream
– Start using a facial wash regularly.
– Buy two new pairs of denim pants
– Get new  shoes
– Have my ears re-pierced  c/o Dra. Saulog.
– Get a new haircut.
– Accessorize.
– Buy a new bag.
– Get a foot spa.
– Manage my grey hairs
– Get an accessories organizer
– Attend a make up workshop. Thank you, TSN! Will blog about that soon
– Wear a skirt at least once a month

On my to do list:

– Get more clothes and shoes
– Buy more accessories
– Get a bag organizer. Thank you, Sieggy!!! love you to bits!
– Get one more bag. I already have a brown and a white. Maybe I will get a black or a blue.
– Buy new lotion or body oil. Any recommendations?
– Read kikay blogs
– Go make-up shopping with Sha and Maggie


29 thoughts on “2013 Vanity Project: MCS and St. Francis Shopping Finds

  1. i saw your pic in TSN’s event. You’re so glammed up and pretty! So excited for that post! I used to go to St. Francis before when I used to have meetings in that area. Lots of good finds. I bought a pair of trousers there that I used for almost 7 years! By the way, for that long denim skirt, pair it with a white tank top. 🙂

  2. hehehe…i think i need to do this kind of project too maqui after giving birth to my 2nd boy…. hehehe im beginning to set the basics now… im excited to have our family cabinet done kasi i will have my own space! yey to kakikayan! 😀

    for the lotion, i was forced to use very mild ones because of my allergies, but you know what i’ve realized…. the Johnson’s Milk lotion is making my skin A LOT smoother than the expensive girly lotions iv been using before…. you might want to try it… 🙂

  3. For the lotion maganda ang olive body butter and beautifying oil in bodyshop. Pero dahil summer sa gabi mo i-apply dapat naka-aircon ka kasi sticky sa skin pag mainit. It reduces dark spots and has so many skin benefits. Pag daytime naman Jergens whitening lotion with SPF is okay it’s way cheaper and effective. 🙂

  4. Hooray! I love the skirt! Naku mukang gusto kong dayuhin yang UK dyan sa MCS ah, fab and great finds, Maquibels! Goood joooob! 🙂

    You can pair the denim skirt with plain top like the neon spaghetti strap that you bought from St. Francis. Maabubot na kasi ung skirt so pair it with plain top, maganda sleeveless or spaghetti strap. Summer naman so keribels lang. Way to go! Weeee! 🙂

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