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The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend #12

Let me pretend that I don’t have backlogs and blog about last weekend.

Something funny happened in the office last Friday. I had this nagging headache the whole day. Silly me, I only thought of taking a medicine by 3:30PM. So I went to the office clinic and asked for a pill. By 4:30PM, my eyes felt weird. When I looked at the mirror, my eyelids looks 3x larger than usual. I did not mind it until my friends told me to go the clinic ASAP because the allergy could go down my throat and lungs. When the nurse saw my eyes, she told me that I need an anti-histamine shot pronto. After the injection, she said I should stay because the med will make me groggy and sleepy. I have taken  anti histamine meds and decongestants before. Those medicines had warnings that they cause drowsiness but I never felt that effect on me. I told the nurse that I had an important meeting. It is not everyday when 3 directors from ops go to our office to specifically talk to me so I really can’t miss that meeting. By the time I arrived in my workstation, my eyes have worsen, the directors were there already and the drowsiness is in full effect! That was the closest that I have even been to being high on drugs. In fairness to me, I was able to present a 15 slide powerpoint impromptu while fighting the sleepiness.

Saturday started with a movie. Because Aki loves the Cloudy with Chances of Meatballs book, we bought the DVD. Turns out, the story of the movie is way different from that of the book. Thanks to the movie, Aki now dreams of being an inventor. Here is the Sabog Robot that he invented. You just need to press a green button so it will start cleaning the house. Why the name Sabog Yowbot? I don’t know either.


In the afternoon, after our daddy came back from his jujitsu training, off we went to our favorite mall, Waltermart/MCS. Aki had his Moving Up Day last week and even got a glamorized Most Talkative Award, so we wanted to give him a reward —- his first movie house experience. The movie did not start for an hour so we went Timezone, my boys’ idea of heaven. We are glad to report that they have fixed their GogoBalls game. There is a new game that Franco and I like. My highest score in the target shooting is 97/100 (7 perfect shots out of 10). Franco’s is 99.


We prepared Aki for his first movie by telling him what to expect. We told him that there will be really really big TV and that the room will be really really dark. To make him more comfortable, we bought lots of food. We had bread from Pande Manila, hotdog sandwiches and nachos. Aki was brave the whole time. My only concern is that he kept asking questions. I don’t think the other people were bothered since their kids were not quiet either.


We went to the supermarket to buy corn kernels for my corn experiment, snacks for Ate Dorina’s kids (Ate left for Quezon yesterday. My fingers and toes are crossed that she will be back on Sunday). To our dismay, Waltermart has stopped selling our favorite hotdog brand. Grrrr! That I think was the lowlight of the past weekend. If any of you guys know where we can buy Mother’s Best hotdogs, do let me know.

Dinner was at Ed’s house. Ed is Franco’s bestfriend since their high school days and is one of our 5 wedding bestmen. We wanted to stay longer but Aki who did not nap the whole day, was terribly cranky. Eat and run as we like to call it.

We dropped Aki off with Ate Dorina. Franco and I capped the night with a massage at Dona Soledad Wellness Center (Thanks, Macy, for the reco!).

The next day, Aki had a makeover c/o the neighborhood barber. Kuya Doods has been cutting his hair since he was a baby. But before we left the house, Aki invented a new game.


From crazy long…

To military short…
What do you think? I like Aki’s hair long because he looks older when his hair is short. But since it is so hot, we want him to sport a semi kal look.

It’s been a tradition to visit a nearby fish store after every haircut. It has also been a tradition to leave the store in panic because Aki always shows signs of vomitting soon because he does not like the “malansa” smell inside.

At home, Aki and I watered our plants, removed white flies from our eggplants, cut citronella leaves to drive away the mosquitos and pretended that we’re hermit crabs.


Here is Aki talking to my tummy and scolding his yet-to-be-conceived future baby sister Emily.


Aki: Go out now!! You’re late!


For lunch we had homemade longganiza which was not as good as the ones I made before, and buttered cheezy corn. I learned recently that Aki, who is not exactly crazy about veggies, loves the buttered corn sold in malls.  My homemade version was not as yummy but Aki devoured it. Success!


Franco’s best cousin, Marco, also on of our 5 best men, visited us in the afternoon. Here is little Marcus with Kuya Aki.


Because it was so hot, I kept begging Franco if we could go to Chateau for a swim. Because I live with the biggest KJ in the world, we stayed in our room the whole afternoon instead.  We spent the latter part of the afternoon watching Baby’s Day Out, one of his favorite childhood movies. Right after the movie, Aki slept and did not wake up until 6AM the next day.

For dinner, we had longganiza and buttered corn again! Franco and I watched the Season 2 of Awkward for the third time. It is funny how 30 year olds are so engrossed watching a show on a 16 year old’s life. We love everything about the show. If there weren’t a lot of kissing and making out, I would recommend it to my soon-to-be teenager nieces.

That’s it! It was fun, boring, uneventful, just the way we like it. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of ordinary weekends.

10 thoughts on “The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend #12

  1. I remember the gogoballs!! Back in High School, my classmates and I would spare some money to buy tokens for that machine. Haha While others are interested in car racing and Tekken, we would take time for the gogoballs. Masaya din laruin yan.. lalo na kapag may galit ka haha

  2. Maquiiii! I was actually thinking of inviting you last Sunday!!! Kaso they were cleaning the kiddie pool. Kaya sabi ko next time na lang. Gusto rin namin magswimming nun. You want next Sunday? ☺

    1. hi maggie! thank you in advance! itong asawa ko, dakilang KJ talaga. i really want to go pero if he is not coming, yaya rin ang drama ko. hindi rin ako makakapag relax if may binabantayan akong malikot

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