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Aki and His Beyblade Obsession

Aki’s current obsessions are

1) Dinosaurs
2) Shells —> Please donate to Aki’s shell collection if you have shells that you want to dispose
3) Turtles

Before those, Aki was crazy about Beyblades. For a month, he reminded us everyday, at least 5 times a day that he wanted one.

It all started with a trip to the toy store last November. Franco and I have this agreement that we will never buy any toy from a toy store when Aki is with us. This is so the little one will not get used to asking us to buy him toys. He can touch the toys in the store but he knows that those can’t be brought home. Until…..

Until we went to Galleria last November and we saw kids having a Beyblade competition right inside the toy store. It was a great marketing ploy and parent trap. The kids were right by the entrance so everyone could see how much fun they were having.


The Beyblade rack was beside them so envious kids can easily grab a set and beg their Mamas and Papas to let them have one too. I learned from a friend that toy manufacturers don’t stop the brainwashing marketing there. Not only is the Beyblade commercial ad regularly shown in the cartoon channels, there is even a show for it!

My poor boy was jealously watching the kids in the tournament.The whole time, he was holding a Beyblade toy that he wanted us to buy for him.


We had to leave the store carrying a crying boy. He was not wailing or kicking. He was just sadly crying because he really wanted that toy. This made it even more difficult for us. What Aki did not know is that his dad really loves him. Despite my evil stares, purses lips and objections, our daddy secretly bought the cheapest Beyblade which was not so cheap by the way.  We had to deal with a tantrum-y toddler the whole day. Once we got home, we asked our neighbor is pretend that they bought Aki his dream toy. This of course turned my boy’s mood around. I was still pissed at the commercialism that I witnessed that day but seeing Aki so happy made me remember just how priceless his joy is.


Two days after, our 200 bucks went down the drain when the flimsy black pull thing broke..

Fast forward to December 25. Can you guess what Aki got last Christmas?


He got 3 Beyblade sets from three different people plus…a box of hand-me-downs! Thank you Kuya Tos and Kuya Joaquin!


Santa aka Franco and I, actually bought him 2 sets but decided not them anymore since he has more than enough. We just re-gifted those instead

Thinking the Bayblade fever will stay for months, we thought of having Aki join his first tournament.


But no, the obsession died down by February. He still plays with them but not as often as he used too.

Thank God Aki’s new favorites are more “educational” and less commercialized. Will blog about those soon.

Oh, in case I neglect this blog in the coming days, HAPPY EASTER!

4 thoughts on “Aki and His Beyblade Obsession

  1. Naku Maqui I know how expensive there toys are. I bought one for my friend’s then learned he has so many. Umabot na nga daw ng 20k++ lahat! And yes that marketing scheme is a ploy and a parent trap. Grrr to them!

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