Akisms · Memoirs of a Mummy


Aki is sooooo talkative now! And he is so funny without even trying. I wrote some of the funny/interesting things that he said in a piece of paper and lost that paper. Aaaaaaargh!!! I hate myself! I should get a tickler notebook where I should write everything.



Land of the Dead


We heard a baby cry

Me: Bakit kaya umiiyak yun baby? (Why is the baby crying?)

Aki (without blinking an eyelash): Patay na mummy niya


I was pretending to be sleeping…

Aki: Wake up! Wake up!

I still wasn’t moving

Aki: Oh no! My mummy is dead!


 Know Your Colors

Aki: I want a red bike! Pula! Pula! Like Jayden (the red Power Ranger)

Me: Ano sa Filipino ang blue

Aki: Di alam ko

Me: Asul. How about green?

Aki: Di alam ko.

Me: Ang green ay berde.

Aki: How about pink?…. (before I could answer)… How about grey? Vahwn (brown)? Ano? Ano?!!

Me: Di alam ko!!

We had to ask for Mr Google’s help. In case you don’t know, pink is rosas. Brown is kayumanggi and grey is kulay abo.


Wanted: English Teacher


Me: Aki, please be careful

Aki: I’m carefulling, Mummy.


Aki ( talking to the aircon cleaning guy): What’s you hawak-ing?


Aki woke up at 4AM and saw me typing on my laptop.

Aki (referring to the laptop): It’s so lightly


Tsk Tsk Tsk


Aki suddenly stood in front of the TV while we were in the middle of a very exciting movie

Franco: Tumabi ka

Aki (walk out with crossed arms and goes straight inside my closet): Sometimes I hate my mom and dad…


Me: Stop kicking now!

Aki: Hindi kick yun. Foot massage yun!


Me: Stop that now. That hurts.

Aki: I’m so soli (sorry), Mummy. My hands are schong and denjoyus (strong and dangerous)


Me: Dito ka. Lalagyan  kita ng gamot

Aki: Ayaw ko!!! Time-out na lang..

Please don’t think my kid is violent. He has his action star moments but he is generally sweet and gentle.



Me: Why do we have two legs

Aki: Kase hindi tayo yowbot (robot)

Me: Why is our skin brown?

Aki: Kase ligo tayo

Me: Bakit kaya tayo my pusod?

Aki: Jan galing ang hihi (wiwi) natin

Me: Why do we have two eyes

Aki: Kase di tayo monstos (monsters)


Unpoetic Rhyming


Me: Her name is Tita Donna

Aki: Donna? Same like Dunkin’ Donut?


Me: Itigil mo yan. Bastos yan

Aki: Bastos? Same name as Kuya Tos?


Me: Tikman mo itong piyaya

Aki: Piyaya just like my Ate Doying?

Me: Huh?

Aki: Ate is my yaya


Me: Say hi to your Lola Sor

Aki: Hello Lola Dinosaur!


Aki ( to the Christmas carollers): Bayad po!

8 thoughts on “Akisms

  1. ohmygas Aki. you are so funny! (oi rhyme din!) re: funny english words ganyan din si maia lately. mahilig mag imbento ng words. siguro nalilito na din kasi english halos ang medium sa school tapos sa house tagalog. nami-mix up nya.

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