My Poor Husband

I read somewhere that you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. I think there is some truth to that. If you surround yourself with people who always complain, you will get more negative. Last year, the 5 people I spent most of my time with were 1) Marge, my seatmate 2) Rosie 3) Aki 4) Ate Dorina and 5) Franco. In terms of fashionability, I was indeed the average of them. Margie, I’d say is a 10/10. She has nice clothes and wears make up all the time. When I sat beside her for the first time, I thought I was with Maui Taylor. Rosie is an average. Maybe, she’d be around 6.Ā  She is not fashion conscious but she is always presentable. Then, there is Aki. What can I say about his fashion sense? He is still a baby. He does not care what he wears. Let’s give him a 0/10, shall we? Ate Dorina, although she does not earn not much, makes regular trips to the ukay ukay. Maybe she is around a 2. As for my Franco, he is the un-vain-est person I know. He’s a negative 3 in the fashionablility scale. I actually like that. One of the first reasons why I fell in love in him was that he does not really care that much what others people think of him. To my husband, functionality comes first before aesthethics. I really like his confidence but I hope he’d be more conscious.

Example number one

Until I discovered it, this was the lunch box that he was using. He has been approached several times because his officemates thought he was giving away ham.


We had a petty fight because he wanted to go to work wearing his favorite shoes.


Packaging tape has many uses. Aside from packing and holding old beaten up shoes together, it can also be used to hide scratches in your car.


Franco and I aren’t into shades. I have several pairs somewhere but I don’t know where to find them. Franco wears them only when he is driving and when he is jogging in the middle of the day. Oh yes, he likes to jog at 10 or 11AM. I don’t mind if his shades were obviously bought from street vendors. What I mind is that he keeps on wearing his cheap broken shades. The glass part falls off while he is jogging!


I am happy to report that he is slowly coming around. I think my vanity project is doing him some good. Since the start of the year, he has already bought 2 pair of denim jeans ( first time since 2006), new slacks, new rubber shoes and 2 pairs of shorts. Yesterday was the first time in 10 years that he bought himself new shorts. If your husband is also on the healthy side and does not know where to buy clothes, I highly recommend Maxwear in SM. The pants and shorts that my hubby bought were priced 500 pesos and below.

Now I just need to find a manly lunch box for him.


10 thoughts on “My Poor Husband

  1. Here’s my silent wish.. sana maambunan ako ng pagka “un-vain-est” ng husband mo haha I needed it for my road to financial independence project.. Pero seriously, I appreciate your posts about financial management and tipid saving tips.

  2. Cj seldom buy things for himself too, siguro ako naka 10 clothes na nabili, sya 1 palang sapilitan pa yun. And he’s more brand conscious than me, minsan lang sya bumili pero he prefer to quality than quantity.

  3. Jeff, my husband, has a beat-up hiking shoes as well, and used 3M tape around it. He seldom shops too, but when he shops, it should be branded and expensive. Unlike me who likes to shop for cheap finds often… hahaha.

  4. Omg maqui!!!! And I thought my husband was already the most un-vain person (at pinaka matipid) on earth! I was mistaken. Haha. I love your vanity project by the way! šŸ™‚

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