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Weekend with the Nevalgas

One of the highlights of our November was the weekend we spent with my paternal side of the family in Calamba. I blogged about fun reunion we had in the cemetery here. We were supposed to leave for Bayog at the end of the day but decided last minute to spend the rest of the long weekend in our family house. I realized that I missed my Nevalga family so much. We live in different parts of the globe now. Some in the US. Some in San Pablo. Some in Calamba. Some in Guam. Some in Paranaque.

We also had one more reason to stay. Our not so little girl, Jasha, turned 13! Oh my! We have a teenager now.I don’t think I will ever be ready to meet her first boyfriend.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERACan somebody tell me where did our baby girls go? We use to put them all together in one crib.


I have 4 tubs of icing from Aki’s uod party. As soon as the party was done, I checked with Kitkat if they spoil easily. Thankfully, after weeks of hibernating in the freezer, the icings were as good as they were the day we got them. I was so sure my nieces and nephews would enjoy decorating cupcakes. I did not have time to bake cupcakes (who has by the way??!) so I just bought individually packed cupcakes from the grocery.


When the kids were done, it was time for the adults to convene, judge the cupcakes and give the cash prize to the best cupcake decorator.


This side of my family is also notorious for obligating the kids to perform. I hated this tradition when I was young but was glad that my cousins would happily perform and and prepare for the next performance.

I was expecting that Aki would also hate performing but no. As soon was Gangnam Style was playing,  he got into a trance and danced with his cousins without prodding. I was sooo proud! At that time, I had not seen the music video and had no idea why everyone was into it. To my surprise, Aki knew the steps and has a thing for break dancing.


Next was the Pinoy Henyo game. Franco and I failed miserably. We could not even guess the category. Our Pinoy Henyo word was langgam  (ant) and we did not even ask if the mystery word was an animal.  We are so uncool! hahaha.


This is Adie. The boys were born 2 months apart. He and Aki have a love hate mostly hate relationship. hahaha.

In the afternoon, while the kids excitedly await the trip to the perya, we the adults, young and not so young, looked at old pictures and happily reminisced the good old days. My grandparents, Mama and Papa, were parents to their children’s friends and were the king and queen of family traditions. The house was never empty and quiet. The friends slept often and some of them did not leave. Tito Oca and Kiboy, my dad’s best friends have rooms in the family house until now. Neepay who is now taking care of the house is actually, the daughter of one of my dad’s close friends. My aunts and uncles told us stories of how Mama every year would buy yards and yards of cloth and  have a tailor come over to get everyone’s measurement. When Christmas rolls in, they looked like one big boy band because they have matching tops. Speaking of Christmas, every December, Papa would rent a jeepney that would take them to Cubao, I think,  to see the biggest Christmas tree at that time. After watching the Christmas lights, they would then go to Luneta for dinner. Christmas was also the time when they’d go to Manila to watch the Manila Filmfest parade. My Nevalga family are hardcore Noranians.

From Christmas traditions, we then talked about food traditions. It was from this weekend that I got inspired to recreate Mama’s famous spaghetti. We talked about family favorites and how to prepare them.  I suggested that next year, we will have a cookfest.  We will get together again. The titos and titas will teach us how to cook the family favorites. I really want to know how to cook Mama’s pasta!

All the discussion about food got us hungry. We has dinner was at Ding Hao. We had to get two round tables because there were so many of us.


See you all again in November, Joboy, Tito Art, Tita Elout, Kiboy, Tito Oca. Jojo, Addie, Jobert, Tita Nory, Jasha, Ara and Neepay!

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