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My Vanity Project

Last year was all about money money money. Our New Year’s resolution of wealth management kept us busy for the first months of 2012. I am proud of what we have accomplished and of how we are aligned on how we plan to accomplish our financial goals. On those days when I had to drag myself out of bed to go to work, I remind myself that if I don’t have a job, I might be dependent on my children when I grow old. Before Franco and I got serious about money, we were on the opposite ends of the pole when it comes to investing. Now, I can say, we know what we want and know how to get there. I highly recommend Efren Cruz to anyone looking for an independent financial consultant.

Anyhoo, when I make resolutions, I try to accomplish them ASAP. As the months pass, I get distracted and less commited so I want to make and implement the changes that I want right away. This year will be all about vanity. I don’t plan to be a fashionista over night. I just want to look a little more presentable . I want to care about my looks. I want to step out of the house and feel giddy because I like how I look that day. I have too many clothes that are ill fitting and not enough shoes and bags. I used to love shopping. That was until I became a mom. Family comes first of course. Who has time for shopping if you have a tantrum to tame? As a working mom, I always felt guilty about spending time in window shopping. I felt like I always have to rush home because I am not spending enough time with Aki. Why buy clothes when there is so much more important things that the family needs? Well, this year, I hope to change all that. I am more comfortable spending Friday nights in St Francis Square. Besides, I owe iit to myself to spend my hard earned money on myself.  I also made a recent change in my schedule. I go to work earlier now and am extra conscious of how I make use of the time in the office. The goal is to get home while the sun is still there. From Monday to Wednesday, I try to be home before 6PM. Those days are for Aki. On Thursday, I try to finish everything. That is my mega OT day. Fridays are for Franco and myself. This is the day when we have dinner together or maybe do some shopping.

Back to the vanity project. Here is what I have done so far

– Buy a full length mirror. We only had 1 mirror in the house and it was in the 1st floor bathroom. Having a mirror forces me to have a good look at myself before leaving the house.

Top from St Francis (PhP100), Shorts from St Francis (PhP150), Necklace from a friend
Top from St Francis (PhP100), Shorts from St Francis (PhP150), Necklace from a friend

– Start using BB cream. Mega special thanks to Maggie!

– Start using a facial wash regularly. Thanks to Maggie again for the reco!
– Buy two pairs of denim pants in Herbench. While the  skinniy jeans that I bought from Cash and Carry look good, they are not comfortable. I had not been to a Bench store for years so I was surprised to find out that their pants were reasonably priced. I used to get intimidated by the idea of buying pants from mall stores because I had this notion that denim pants cost at least 2000 bucks. Hahaha. I am really happy with my new pants and plan to buy more.
– New shoes. For the longest time, I would only wear one pair of shoes until it gives up on me.
– Have my ears repierced c/o Dra. Saulog. I love my new rubic serconia earrings. I can’t wait to buy more earrings.
– Get a new haircut.
– Accessorize. I am clueless but I am trying. I still need help on this department. What kind of necklace go with V-necks? What is the rule in mixing and matching bracelets? What are the basics? Any accesorizing 101 out there? How do you organize your accessories?   Thank you to my mother in law and to Ms DD for the necklaces!
– Got new pants, shorts and tops from St Francis. I’m such a fan of that mall! I will blog about my shopping finds one of these days.
– Buy a new bag. I got a brand new Nine West bag for one 1200 bucks from an online garage sale. Thank you, Nikki! Is there a Bag 101 guide out there? How many everyday bags does a girl need?  And is there an easy way to transfer the contents? What is stopping me from interchanging bags is that I find it such a hassle to transfer the contents from one bag to another?
– Get a foot spa. Last Saturday’s foot spa was my first since I got married. I got reminded why I don’t like foot spas. I find them boring. And expensive! Or maybe I just need to find a foot spa place that I like.

Here is what I still need to do:
– Find my go-to lipstick. Any tips?
– Not sure yet but I might just color my hair. Or at least dye my grey hair. Is there a salon out there who selectively colors grey hairs only? I really don’t mind the grey hair.Until I got married, I thought everyone is doomed to have a head full of grey hair. Turns out, nature has selected a few families to be given that curse. Now I have more grey hair than my mother in law.  The grey hairs I don’t really mind. It’s the ‘patay’ or really curly grey ones that stand out that is bugging me. I have received numerous requests from friends if they can pluck them out. I see people stare at them. My husband tries to pull them out when I am not looking. I don’t want to pluck them because I noticed that grey hairs indeed increase when they are pulled out. Or maybe, I was really stressed last year that is why my grey hairs increased tenfolds. What is stopping me from dyeing them is that I don’t know if I can commit to regularly going to the salon to re-dye the roots.

Wish me luck! If you have any fashion or beauty tips, please share!

32 thoughts on “My Vanity Project

  1. Oh maqui dear! You are tooo cute! 🙂 super aliw! Ang ganda mo kaya and when I saw you nung party ni Soph, you had this aura. Basta! 🙂

    Get a bag organizer! I have 2 spare ones from Ikea. Padala ko sayo together with the ref magnet that i owe you. 🙂 easy super kasiu just need to transfer those organizers sa new bag eh. One for my kikay stuff and another for wallets, ids and the rest of my kalat!

    And yes, beauty tip ba kamo? Always always wear sunblock/sunscreen!!! Hihihi

  2. Buy a bag organizer so when you change bags, you just take out the organizer and put it in your chosen bag for the day. 🙂

    On accessories, choose one statement piece. If you wear chandelier or hoop earrings, go easy on bracelets and skip the statement necklace. If you’re wearing a statement necklace, try simple stud earrings. 🙂

    Hope these helped!

  3. Accessories – In my room in Pasig I have these small ‘trees’ where I keep my collection of earrings. Yung ihuhook mo lang sya, like yung mga nasa tiangge. As for the necklaces and bracelets, I put a set of hooks (or parang isang mahaba sya na may hooks) sa wall. It serves as sabitan ng necklaces/bracelets, at the same time decor na din sa makulay na room ko. Hahahah. Pero in your case, baka masira wall mo.. So hanap ka na lang din ng mga stand na sabitan.

    Bags – I have a lot of bags, pero never ako bumili. I am just grateful to have a fashionista slash shopaholic mom who sends me bags. Hahaha. Pero ang basics dapat: pang-office (black, brown/cream, white para bagay sa lahat.. Same rule applies to shoes), tapos meron din pang-harabas, I go for sling bags. Kung hassle sayo to transfer e dapat may bag organizer ka sa loob tapos yun na lang lilipat mo sa ibang bag. Ako walang bag organizer, small purses lang inside, isang pang-toiletries/kaartehan, isa pang-gadgets.

    Hair – Usual color of my hair ay dark bown lang o kaa yung reddish brown na hindi halata, pag lang nasisikatan ng araw. Ayoko ng bulgar na color e, besides di naman ako tisay. Di bagay sa kin light colored hair.

    Jeans/Clothes – Try mo sa Folded&Hung, di din naman ata ganun kamahal don. Ano ka ba, meron jeans sa mall na less than 2k. Hahah

    Shoes – Mendrez naman quality and not too pricey. Lagi pa nagssale. And I believe yung Parisian sa SM nag-eevolve ang collection. Try mo check.

    Hmmmm. Ano pa ba masasabi ko. Hahahah. Biglang naging fashion guru ako e noh nung araw muka lang din akong lalake. Pero tingin ko nga its different when you become a mom, in my case kase single kaya sige lang, rampa lang. Heheh

  4. Hi Maqui!

    Your post made me laugh kasi I can relate to the guilt of window shopping & spending time away from your child, buti nalang my husband is the one who pushes me to do my stuff. Personally one of the things that motivate me to “take care” of myself is something i read before. Cant remember the exact words but it goes something like: “how a woman/wife looks like is a direct reflection of the man/husband, it is one of the responsibilities of a wife/mother to make sure that she and her children look good and are presentable” – Or something to that effect. So i just always remember that when the guilt strikes! 🙂

    I also “invest” in key clothing items, albeit a bit more expensive that the stuff at tiangges. I would have to say, di matatawaran naman na ang ganda ng fit ang the material lasts a long time. Im also a flats kind of girl, ever since I got preggo my sky high heels have taken a back seat na talaga. As for accessories, buy pearls! Kahit yung fancy lang sa SM, they instantly brighten up your face and as a necklace it makes anyone look spruced up and classy! 🙂

    I hope you found the stuff I shared useful, haha! Im looking forward to reading abou the success of your Vanity Project this year 🙂

  5. Naloka ako sau, Maquibels! Mura lang ang pants basta wag super branded. Bench is okay, maganda ang mga denim nila not to mention mura pa! For the lippy, dapat something na ka-color lang ng lips mo to give you a natural look. For the hair, you can actually dye your hair all by yourself. May instructions ung mga haircolor boxes on how to use it, madali lang para ka lang nagsha-shampoo but you have to make sure na even ang pagkalalagay mo. Good buy yang bag mo teh! Very good! For the shoes, try more pointed flats para mas edgy and sophisticated ang dating at para fashown na fashown! For the accesories go for pearl(kahit fake lang) that’s a must for every girls, kasi pwde mo yan i-partner kahit saan. For V-necks dapat ung hindi round necklaces, something na may pendant keribels un for v-neck shirts. Hmmm… What else? The skirt?! Where is the skirt? Parang ndi ko ata nakita sa list mo. For sure madami nyan sa St. Francis or Landmark try mo, sa SM din madami na mura you just need to have a keen eye para makakita ka maganda pero mura. We can go on a
    Shopping date if you want. That’s it pansit! 🙂

  6. Hi sis maqui, I also love saint francis! if I have 500 pesos may 3-4 blouses na ako, not bad than going to divisoria.. I just bought 3 slacks for 280-300 each lang maganda yung fit and tela. Sulit!

  7. Hi maqui! Buy an eye cream– I’m a late bloomer too sa eye cream but I notice little wrinkles around my eyes already. I’m committed to applying this 2x a day. And my latest beauty find is my face brush, I got an Olay xpro vs clarisonic which is expensive.

    You go to cash n carry di ba? I buy my body washes there. Mas mura. And I discovered it has the power to uplift my mood n the morning, feeling MAGANDA pag Alis Ng bahay. 😉

    For office wear, I hoard during bazaar season. May sellers Ng Mga banana rep and gap na mura.

    For lipstick, get a nude shade for everyday wear and one with a pinkish tint. Pwde sila iPad combine. And get an eyelash curler and eyebrow powder and brush— fixing the eyebrows make a big difference talaga. Minsan yun na Lang Nagagawa ko in the morning.

  8. Hi Maqui! May I suggest Landmark for your shopping needs? Their accessories and bazaar section are the best!

    P.S. BB Cream is a must. I used The Face SHops’ Lovely ME:EX naman. I love its good coverage. It makes my face even-toned and oil and stain-free. Isang pahid lang sa morning, pang whole day na. 🙂

  9. I just bought a vanity mirror too so I stop asking hubby everyday if my outfit looks good on me. Agree with Her Bench skinny jeans Maqui, they are comfortable and can really make your look (and feel) seksi! For the hair, if you want to maintain your hair length but also wants to have a new look, try dyeing it. Start with the darker shades then start experimenting from there. Good luck!! 🙂

  10. I’m liking all the recent improvements sis! 🙂 Good luck, good luck. Sunod lang din ako dito for the suggestions kasi for years na din ako trying to look better. haha. Sa make up maybe you can check out Human Heart Nature. (nagbebenta si Rachel!!!) hahaha.

  11. You’re welcome Maqui! For go to lilstick try NYC. Affordable but really nice. You can also try visiting Etude House in SMB. I’m more than willing to accommodate you. 🙂 I miss St. Frances! I get some if my best dresses there!

  12. what you need is a MLBB Lipstick for everyday, a red for date nights and a nice coral one for special ocassions.

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