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Aki’s Wiggly Worm 3rd Birthday Party

Last October, my boy turned three!!! I miss those cheeks!


Compared to his airplane themed 1st birthday party and his Letter A 2nd birthday party, last year’s celebration was low key. Having a party in school means less party time and more kids. I didn’t bother making a dessert table or decorating the area. We only had limited time so I wanted to make sure we make the most out of it. And because this was the first real kiddie party in the sense that all the guests were kids, I focused on making the party fun and educational. My priorities were 1) loot bags 2) activities and 3) food.

Aki had a say this time on the theme. Of the party themes that he liked, I picked the Baby Uod  (baby worm) theme. It was just appropriate since he’s been obsessed with worms for the longest time. He even wanted to have a worm sibling at one point. Hahaha!

Let’s have a quick look back at the DIY project that I did for Aki’s little friends.

Read more about the projects here.


Loot Bags

The worm friend


Worm-y pencil


The worm puppet (my favorite DIY project)

Whenever Aki gets a party loot bag, I immediately check on the contents. Most of the time, loot bags are filled with sweets, the intake of which I try to control. So for Aki’s party, no sweets in the loot bag. At all! Aside from the DIY’s, we were supposed to give worm balloons. You should have seen me when I saw these balloons in Andings. Unfortunately, even before we could draw eyes and mouths, the balloons burst. They burst on their own because the material was too thin. Hmmp!

Aki had fun playing with them though.

So what did we do that morning? A lot! Aki’s class starts at 11AM so everything had to be ready by 10:30. Ate Dorina went on emergency leave so Franco and I were busy with the errands plus looking after the birthday boy. Plus, we have our morning birthday tradition.

First, we brought the balloons to Party Tools. We were told to go back after an hour.  Then we went to Red Ribbon to pick up the cake.Then, we bought breakfast from Jollibee. It has been a birthday tradition to eat in Jollibee. We did not have time to dine there so we just ordered take out. Brought the food to the house. My sister and RJ, who were our photographers and videographers for the day were there. Good. Their turn to look after Aki. I gave Aki a bath and turned him over to his Chacha Jana. Franco and I left again this time to pick up the balloons, which started bursting as soon as we loaded them to the van and met up with the hubby of Kitkat of Kalea’s confections (09178920443), to get my order of cupcakes for the cupcake decorating activity.

The cupcakes that we ordered were unfrosted. The yummy butter cream frostings which came in 4 yummy colors were in tubs.  The cupcake itself was so yummy we had to stop Aki from eating them.


I also ordered mini cupcakes for Aki’s teacher.


Once we got home, I dressed Aki in his party clothes. RJ made this #3 shirt. Thanks, Rj!


I quickly decorated the cake using the worms from Faye (thanks, sis!) and the cake pops that Maggie made. Cake pops by Bites are not only cute. They are really really yummy! Like them in Facebook or visit their blog here.

Off to school we went.

I talked to Aki’s teachers months before the party to ask for approval for my ideas. They were very supportive and liked that the activities were “educational”.

As I suggested, the book of the day was A Very Hungry Caterpillar. I planned on including a copy of this book in the loot bags. Books for Less had a warehouse sale so I contacted them. But then the final quote was too expensive for me, so we had to scratch out that idea.


I wonder why the classmates looked so serious while listening to the story.


To my surprise, I learned after the reading time, that I had to speak in  front and explain the activities to the kids. In case you don’t know, I get really really nervous when I speak in front of an audience, even if they are less than 3.5 feet tall.

Our second activity was coloring. Thank you world wide web for the coloring sheet.


Next we made a worm family diorama. I prepared the blue paper for the base, strips of paper in different sizes, and the eyes.



Up next were the cakes and gifts -Aki’s favorites. We opened only 3 gifts because we had limited time.


The last activity I prepared was cupcake decorating. We got grass ( green sprinkles), soil (crushed oreos) and  of course gummy worms. Each classmate was given a paper plate for easy clean up and a fork for spreading. Each table had two tub’s of Kitkat’s yummy icing.


Everyone even the teachers enjoyed this activity.


Now, it was time to eat.  Aki lead the prayer.

I ordered food from my suki from our parish sunday market. I got fresh passion fruit juice from Susan (09228703428). The small cup only costs 15 bucks. The pasta is from Monica of Good Foods (09154350247). I wanted the kids to eat on their own so I ordered penne instead of the usual spaghetti noodles.


The original plan was to have a bilao or a big plate of pasta on each table. My friend Shar and Teacher Tina warned me that the kids actually don’t each much during school parties.If we had bilaos, we could control  how much to serve each kid and take home the left overs. If the kids want more, they can just ask for another serving. But because Ate Dorina was not around and I did not want to hassle the teachers, I opted for last minute pre-packed pasta. As expected,  most kids did not finish their food. Some even opted to eat their own baon. I am still hurt. hahaha.


Now, I know my lesson. I will just serve Sky Flakes next time. hahahahaha. At least the kids got to take home their left overs because we served the pasta in paper boxes instead of paper plates. Thanks again Shar for the tip.

Before everyone headed home, we distributed the loot bags. Normally, the school does not let the kids open the lootbags but I made a special request because I wanted to see if the kids would appreciate my puppets. And they did! Everyone left the room with a puppet in one hand.


I would like to say thank you to Aki’s teachers for being patient with Aki and with me. hahaha


To Jana and RJ, for the shirt and awesome video.

If you are looking for an affordable videographer, check out RJ Dequina. He can be reached at 0923 907 1499 / 0928 352 3854.

Belated happy birthday again, Aki!


For his next birthday, he wants an escalator party. good luck to me!

21 thoughts on “Aki’s Wiggly Worm 3rd Birthday Party

  1. I’m also planning for a worm themed party for Cyler(still undecided though) specifically the very hungry caterpillar because he’s so into the book! He memorized each page by heart. But we’ll see kung kakayanin ko ang mga bulate, haha! You know naman.

    Anyhoo, thanks for sharing this post Maqui I got so many ideas and it helps me a LOT!

  2. I love, love all your DIY projects and preparations for Aki’s 3rd birthday! Bow talaga ako sa creativity at resourcefulness mo, Mommy Maqui!

  3. Hi Maqui, got your link from N@W! Aliw na aliw ako sa birthday party ng anak mo, so creative. 🙂 I’ve been looking for a copy of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” (it’s on my list of must-buy books for my kid), but wala pa akong nahahanap, I’ll check out Books for Less. 🙂

  4. Maqui, ang galing mo talaga magprepare!!!!!! Standing ovation for you 🙂 Ang tiyaga mo talaga. Hanga ako sayo. Very simple yet so meaningful. You thought of everything! Wala na ako masabi. Looking forward to Aki’s 4th birthday party (uy…pressure!).

    yung penne feeling ko bago sa paningin ng kids. sanay kasi sila sa spag noodles. kelsea naman mas marami eat pag penne kasi easy to eat. tusok-tusok lang hehe.

    p.s. pretty mga teachers ni aki ah

  5. Grabe Maqui! Ikaw na ang peg ko for party DIY projects! You are so amazingly creative! Good job Momma!

    And don’t feel bad about the food. Same thing happened to us. Mr. D. slaved away in the kitchen only for the kids to poke at the food with their forks and not eat it. hahaha

    1. hahahaha! kung i-DIY ko man, mukhang mahirap at may battery involved para gumalaw.
      playdate na kase uli tayo para madala kita sa sunday tiangge namin

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