Must Avoid Booksale

I must stop going to Booksale. I must stop going to Booksale. I must stop going to Booksale. I must stop going to Booksale. I must. I must. I must!

From the forgotten corner of the house, I unearthed a forgotten treasure box – a box filled with books and magazines that have yet to be read. Waaaaah! Some were even bought as early as October last year.


I have not one, not two but 4 cookbooks. If you have been reading this blog long enough, you will know that I am sucker for family traditions. That is why I was so excited when I found a copy of Slow Food on sale. And for only 20 pesos, who can resist this brand new Everyday Cookbook Almanac with 400+ recipes? I actually regret that I did not buy more. Since it is brand new, it would make a good gift idea for aunts who like to cook and for newlyweds who are eager to put their cooking skills to a test.


What’s New Cupcake is the follow up to the bestseller Hello, Cupcake which I blogged about here.


And because I like vintage cookbooks and anything below 20 pesos, I just had to buy this 70’s book on gelatin-making.

This one is for Aki. I was supposed to give it last Christmas but forgot all about the book. I like the unique setting which is in the caveman era. Aki is into dinosaurs nowadays and has been calling me Mummy Raptor or Mommy Brachiosaur for the past two weeks. This book is a little expensive  (120 bucks) but the lessons on sharing and family are priceless.


Oh look, more books for Aki. We love activity books by DK. This summer book did not disappoint. The other one is a write and wipe book that will keep kid’s busy while in church. Very clever, huh?


Are you a Chicken Soup series fan? I am! I bought this Chicken Soup for the Kid’s soul for Aki. I read this during the commute and ended up in a cryfest! hahaha. The other book, South Beach Heart Health Revolution is for Franco. I just hope he will show some interest in reading it.


But wait there’s more…

Most of my reading backlog are actually magazines.

I have 5 from America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated


Two Paula Deen’s


Three holiday special issues


Two Psychology  Today mags


Two Martha Stewart’s and two craft books.


I really should not go to any Booksale anytime soon.  I really should not go to any Booksale anytime soon. I really should not go to any Booksale anytime soon. Repeat 100X.

I took these pictures around mid last month. A week after, we went to Festival mall to buy a mirror. What  I like/don’t like about Festival, is that they have two branches of Booksale there. I promised myself that I will not run my fingers thru each book and magazine. I promised myself that I will only buy, if and only if, a book that I really like is lying there, front cover up.

You know what? That exactly was the case. There was a giant The Very Hungry Caterpillar waiting for me. I am not an Eric Carle fan but I have been wanting to have this book for the longest time. Plus it has special sentimental value because it was part of our wiggly worm birthday celebration (mental note: blog about the party soon!). And it was only 70 pesos.


Somebody help me stop this addiction!


16 thoughts on “Must Avoid Booksale

  1. LJ says:

    Hindi na ko pumunta ng Cubao..hahaha. dalawa branch nila dun. Dati naka-schedule akong mag book hunting every first Sunday of the month. (mas mura kasi sked ng pull out nila) kasi sabi ng ka-roomate ko mauunang masunod ang bahay namin at puro na libro!! hahaha

  2. Clariz Endaya says:

    hi jamie! glad to have found your blog! yung mga books na gifts ni Aki kinakagat pa lang din ni Marcus, hahaha! Karton at papel na lang muna sya, hehe. Ako naman I miss reading and going to booksale. 😦

  3. Em says:

    How can you stop someone from an addiction that has been passed on to you? errr… you can’t?! We’ve been Booksale addicts because of you, Maqui. hehe

  4. Wow, ang dami nga! I’m new to shopping books at BookSale but I so agree with you, nakaka-addict sya. Twice pa lang ako nakakabili (total of 8 books, all under P50) at hindi ko pa tapos basahin lahat. Hay, so many books (and e-books) to read, so little time!

  5. I am avoiding Booksales din nowadays. All the books that I bought ended up being kept sa closet kasi hindi pa cia ma-appreciate ni Geoff. Whenever he sees a book, nauuwi lang sa pagkagat and pagbato, so keep muna cla until tumanda pa ng onti c baby 🙂

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