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My Grandma’s 5 Minute Ham Glaze

Hello! I am sorry that this blog has been boring lately. I have a lot of picture and text heavy drafts that I don’t have time  for right now. Aki has been sick since Monday. I think he got too excited and too tired from the playdate that we had with my mommy blogger friends and their kids last Sunday.

I am sorry too for the delay in approving comments. The last comment that I think I approved was for my New Year’s Day post. Thank you for your patience and for still reading this online diary.

Anyhoo, here is a super quick glaze recipe that I got from my mom who got it from my dad’s mom, Mama Ogie.


In a pan, put pineapple juice and Sprite or 7-Up in a pan. Add sugar. Simmer until you achieve your desired consistency. Feel free to add more sugar along the way. There is no exact measurement for the liquids. Last week, I tried 0.5 cup juice and  0.5 cup softdrinks and it turned out great. My mom used less Sprite and it tasted the same.

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