Fun Finds @ Shopwise

Hallo! It is only 5:30AM but I have been awake for the past two hours. I don’t feel tired or sleepy. If I had an office laptop, I’ve probably been checking emails, making scripts and reviewing compliance reports at 4AM! This is the 3rd time this week. I wonder why I wake up so early. This happened  many time before but only whenever I am feeling stressed. My stress levels are manageable this week so I don’t really know the reason. I try to close my eyes for as long as I can and do the diaphragm breathing technique that Franco taught me. Funny thing is, whenever I finally start to fall asleep or have dreams, I get happy that I am sleepy again but then as soon as I rejoice, I wake up.

Oh well, anywoots, we visited my newest niece, Bella last weekend. She is the cutest! She weighs almost 9 pounds and does not look like she is only a week old. Since we were in the Alabang area, we decided to swing by Festival Mall. My only agenda was to buy a moveable mirror for my 2012 Vanity aka Lessen the Loshang goal. Will blog more about that soon. I found one in Shopwise. It was just within my budget.

Here it is.


In case you are wondering why I want a moveable mirror, that is because I am a scaredy cat and I am afraid of seeing something or someone there. Have you heard of the dorm ghost story where a dormer saw a ghost in the mirror? She closed her eyes and started praying the Hail Mary. When she opened her eyes, the ghost was still there and it was mocking  the  prayer. Whenever the mirror is not in use, it is facing the wall. Franco has his reasons too. Based on his experiences, mirrors are bad luck.

Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

Aside from the mirror, I found other really nice items for the house in Shopwise.

Like this modern looking clock.  I think it is just the right level of funky-ness and interesting-ness without being too trendy. I wanted to buy one in black but Franco reminded me that the  funky and interesting clock that I bought last last year is still in its box.


Buy one, Take one food containers for Franco and Aki’s baon. I think I only paid 180 bucks for both.


Water jugs. Don’t you just hate it when you find something you already bought being sold at a cheaper price? We bought ours for 50 bucks each last year.


Oh look, shelves in wenge. We just bought a new set in light brown finish because they are out of wenge ones in Shopwise Sucat. See here for my bookshelf project.


Here is my favorite buy of the day. Buy one, take one cupcake towers! Last year, I saw these babies being sold for 299 a piece. I thought it was really cheap because I know someone who bought an exact same one for 500 bucks. Now, they are selling these for 25% of that price. I don’t have plans of holding any party soon. Nor do I have immediate plans of making cupcakes again. But since the price is so irresistible, I just had to take these home. I did not even consult hubby.



10 thoughts on “Fun Finds @ Shopwise

  1. Em says:

    Apiiiir! Shops like Shopwise is heaven for me, too!

    Maqui, alam mo ba na hanggang ngayon hindi pa din ako nakakapunta ng Uniwide-Coastal? At every single time we pass by, ikaw ang naaalala ko 🙂

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