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Question of the Day

Aki: San titi mo, Mummy? Where is your penis, Mummy?

Me: Di ba wala akong titi?  Kase? I don’t have a penis, right? Because?

Aki: Gohl ka. You’re a girl.

Aki (thinks for a couple of seconds): Sa fet labas hihi mo? Does your pee come out of your bum?


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Christmas Akisms

Hallooo! I have been really busy lately. For the last two days, I have been in the office for more than 13 hours. I have a new role and there are a lot of things that I need to learn and improve. So far so good. I think.

Anyhoo, here are Aki’s Christmas vocabulary for 2012:

Meh Chismas –> Merry Christmas

Chismas Tee –> Christmas Tree

Happy Nuh Yee –> Happy New Year

Yodolph Yed-nose Yeindee –> Rudolf the Red-nose Reindeer

Nof Pole –> North Pole

Fah-yoh-yowks –> Fireworks

Poo-loo Ekpek –> Polar Express

Poo-loo Beh –> Polar Bear

Home Foh “Loan” –> Home Alone

Atos Chismas –> Arthur’s Christmas

Jinjo Ben –> Jingle Bell

Fosty Foh Snowman –> Frosty the Snowman

Tolototot –> Torotot

Gif –> Gifts

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DRAFT: New Year’s Resolutions

I like making NY resolutions. And I like setting goals and achieving them. I have been really really busy lately that I have not yet taken time to sit down, make a list and evaluate which ones are doable. Here goes..

Read leadership books. I realized that I devour parenting and housekeeping books and magazine but I don’t invest time in reading  books that will enhance my skills professionally. For 2013, my goal is to read one management book per quarter. If I can read more, then all the better. I am done with the first book.  🙂 DOABILITY – 4/5

Monetize this blog. I just want to place ads especially Nuffnang ads. I was researching about the WordAds feature of WordPress but I learned that the earnings are not significant. Thank you, Leah for answering my questions! I have two options. First get a host and transfer to wordpress.org.  I have no idea how much hosting costs though and I don’t want to spend much. Two, transfer to Blogspot. Nuninuninu.  Haaay. I want to have ads but I don’t want to market. Meaning, I don’t want to promote myself in Facebook or anywhere else. Any tips? DOABILITY – 2.5

Be a little more conscious of how I look. In 2010, I bought new clothes, mostly blouses. While the top part of my outfit I think is okay, the bottom half is so so. My pants are either too long or too baggy. And I don’t have nice everyday shoes. Over the holidays, I bought 2 new pairs of denim pants and organized the few accessories that I have. I also rediscovered St Francis Square. Franco and I might go shopping this weekend. Hopefully, this is the year when I finally learn how to wear skirts. DOABILIY – 3

Learn how to medidate. Last year, I had several anxiety attacks. I would wake up in the middle of the night, that is if I ever get to sleep at all, feeling very worried about things. My goal is to make 50 reps of  breathing exercises every morning.  DOABILITY – 3/5
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Happy New Year Gifts

aka late Christmas gifts.

Months before Christmas, I was already planning what to give to Aki’s classmates and teachers for the holidays. Soon it was December already. I realized that we did not have anything prepared on last day of school. Yikes. Where is my bad mommy award? We were happy recipients of gifts but deep inside it felt like I were a melting snowman. I tried to justify with myself that we will just give gifts on the first day of school. The kids and their parents would probably appreciate our gift more now.  It is easier to appreciate the small things when there are less things going on ( and less gifts coming). Excuses excuses.  Oh, did I mention that I let Aki wear a blue top for the Christmas presentation when everyone in the class was supposed to wear green? Ako na talaga! To think that I have not yet forgiven myself for letting Aki wear his Spiderman costume in the school halloween party, I should have thoroughly re-read the memo. In my defense, I lost that memo. Hehe.

Anyhoo, last October, we received these yummy sugar cookies from Franco’s jujitsu sansei. They were baked by Iya, his girlfriend. We ordered several dozens of gingerbread men cookies last month and gave them away to our office friends.


Because Christmas is over, we can’t gift gingerbread men anymore to Aki’s teachers. Instead, we asked Iya to make cookies of  little boys and girls in Aki’s school uniform. The classmates will get these. Each classmate gets the first-letter-of-his-name cookie.

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Philippine Stocks Rose to A New All-time High For the 3rd Straight Day

Philippine Stocks Rose to A New All-time High For the 3rd Straight Day

Philippine Stocks Rose to A New All-time High For the 3rd Straight Day

Philippine Stocks Rose to A New All-time High For the 3rd Straight Day

Philippine Stocks Rose to A New All-time High For the 3rd Straight Day!!!




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2012: The Year that Was

A couple of hours before we officially welcomed 2013, Franco and I sat down to write ourselves a holiday card. We started this tradition in 2010. The idea is to reminisce the highlights and lowlights of the current year.


Looking at the card, 2012 was a good year for us. In fact, when we were already in the lowlights part, we could only think of a few things. See notes on the side.


So what were the highlights?




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