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Before and After: Kitchen Shelves

There are a lot of things that I want to change/add/remove/organize/fix/improve/ in my kitchen  but for my decluttering project last month, I zeroed on the open shelves. They were a major eyesore and they have  been bothering me for months.

Here is the before picture.


That is our beloved Ate Dorina. Her latest victims were my kitchen shears and a plastic pitcher. I don’t mind, err, actually I do but I try not to mind that I should mind, since looking for a helper who is dependable, trust worthy and most of all, willing to stay, is a challenge for many working moms like me.

Side story, last week, Aki’s teachers gave an assignment: decorate the recycled bird feeder. Because I am a believer that a child’s assignments and projects should be done by the child and not by the parents, and because I am so lazy, and because, unlike other people, cramming does not bring out the best in me,  I had Ate wrap the carton bird feeder with Manila paper and had Aki draw some doodles on it. I thought it was cute. Aki drew me, Ate Dorina and his Ate Jyl and his Daddy, Kuya Joaquin, Kuya Tos and himself. Apparently, it was not cute enough for Ate Dorina. She said Aki’s project looked so simple compared to his classmates’. Instead of submitting the project, she told the teacher that she left it at home. As soon as I arrived from work, she asked me for a more colorful paper and stickers. Unfortunately, we don’t have stickers. I gave her a bunch of fuzzy wires, asked her to cut them up and make swirls that Aki can glue to the birdfeeder. The next day, she surprised me when she showed me the finished product. I know I have the right to be angry. She did not follow my instructions. But after learning that she slept late to perfect the project, all I could do was say thank you with a forced smile.

Anyhoo, back to the decluterring project.

This is the only before picture that I have of the display shelves above the breakfast nook. Do you see the flashlight, bills, Vicks, nail cutter, coins etc? It was a dump-and-go space.


Habits are hard to break. Instead of having a family meeting and orienting everyone that the flashlight goes to the lower left shelf and the Vicks on the medicine shelf, I have accepted that this display shelf is meant to be a catch-all for loose items. I can get rid of the clutter but for sure it would be back the next day. Well, if you can’t get rid of it, hide it! Haha. Here is how that shelf looks like now.


Nice, eh?

And as for the spice and condiments shelf, here it is now.


See the hanging garlic and red onions? I got the idea from my sister-in-law.

First I threw out the items that we have not used for a year. Next, I measured the height of the shelf and bought white baskets. I bought the first baskets from Japan Home for PhP88. The next day, I saw similar plastic baskets at SM for only PhP69. I so hate it when I see an item that I just bought being sold for  a lower price.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. My kitchen shelf looks much better now! Yey!

Since I have extra white baskets, I also gave my other kitchen shelf a make-over too. Too bad, I was not able to take the “before” picture. There used to be a box of clay, a mini Buudha bust and an empty container of chocolate covered cereals there.


One basket is for our spreads. The middle is for Aki’s snacks and the third is for our coffee, chocolate drink, tea and iced tea.

What do you think? My third and last holiday decluterring project was for my craft supplies. Will blog about that next week.

6 thoughts on “Before and After: Kitchen Shelves

  1. Our shelves definitely look worst than what you had before! It made me think, I should start getting baskets like that to hide all those eyesores! You’re really an inspiration! Hands down! =)

  2. haha natawa lang ako dun sa catch-all space nyo. kami every flat surface in the house becomes home to every abubot you can think of. kaya goal ni tibs i-convert lahat ng flat spaces into curvy ones. ma-break lang ang habit ng magulong household nya. wahaha

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