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Manila Zoo Revisited

For sure, our Manila Zoo is no strong contender for the best zoo in the world award. But for only 20 bucks (or is 40?), I don’t think I should be complaining.

Anyhoo, on our second visit, we discovered areas that we did not get to check out before. Here are the new animals that we saw


It felt weird to see a carabao inside the zoo. Maybe because I am used to seeing them everyday in Bayog. 2page

Check out the third photo. I was not able to get the name of the long-tailed bird. I think it is unfair that male birds are more colorful than their female counterparts.1pageI love the owl! I tried to have a staring contest with it. He won. We have seen other owls in the past but none as wide awake as this one. Aki  asked, “Hali Pato, ito?” (Is this from Harry Potter?)

Within Manila Zoo is a mini-zoo named Kinder Zoo. It is privately run so animals here are in a better condition. Entrance fee is PhP100. You can pay extra if you want to try the activities inside like, wall climbing, swimming, zip line etc. Thank you, Erl, for our discounted tickets!


Aki: Crocs? Booooooring..


He seemed to like the giant snake better. Franco, who was not with us, after seeing this picture warned me though to stay close and observe the snake next time. He said he saw a video where a harmless looking snake suddenly tightened and almost killed the model who was holding it.


This zoo trip was more memorable because of our playdate buddies Faye and Maia


Dora and Diego. We have had several playdates with Maia but this is only the 2nd time where it is just the two of them. Check out our baking playdate last year here and here. Faye, pizza playdate naman?GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA


I don’t know what that sleeping animal is but I envy his life.


The zookeeper insisted that this white bird stands on Aki’s shoulder. While Kuya was transferring the bird from my hand to Aki, BAM! The $#%$%$ bird bit/pecked Aki. I wanted to fry that bird right there and then. Kuya assured me that I don’t need to worry about rabies or something. I threatened him that I will get back to him if something happens to my son. Aki did not get rabies but he was cranky for the next 60 minutes and did not want to get near any animal.

Because Aki was afraid that he will get hurt again, we just stayed inside the butterfly garden. I learned that the zoo buys these butterflies unlike in Lost Eden where they are involved in the whole life cycle.  We had fun collecting the butterflies and then releasing them.


Overall, it was a fun trip, except for the bird biting incident. We will definitely go back but will keep a close watch on the animals.


13 thoughts on “Manila Zoo Revisited

  1. I haven’t taken my son to a zoo yet. Idol talaga kita Maqui! You see to it that your son get to see the world .. *hail* Bad birdy! Buti Aki did not get hurt that much! =)

  2. Hi Maqui, parang biglang naging big-boy hitsura ni Aki. Di na siya baby 🙂 awww!

    “Hali Pato, ito?” –> haha, ang cute!

    Payatot yung tiger, kawawa naman.. but then again, at P20-40 / head, no wonder walang budget ang Manila zoo.

  3. pizza! pizza playdate! 🙂 playdates with you guys are always a fun time! yung picasso playdate din push natin! maia seems to be getting more interested with painting naman. baka lang this time mainspire ni aki to pick up a paint brush.

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