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Painting the Weekend Red

In my desire to give Aki’s play area a unified look, we gave his beloved wooden bookshelf a mini-makeover.


Please forgive the eyesore. If you must know, it is Aki who packs away his books everyday.

I bought a small can of red paint, a couple of brushes and a bottle of thinner. I thought the sales guy was taking advantage of my lack of background in painting by pushing me to buy the thinner. Turns out, it is really important. The thinner is used to improve the spread-ability of the paint, wash the brushes and most importantly, remove the paint from our skin. If acetone is to the manikurista, thinner is to the pintor. I am getting smarter every day!


Painting the shelf was a quick fun activity that the three of us really enjoyed. We were done in 15 minutes. Franco left for his jujitsu training while Aki and I stayed behind to read our new books.When the hubby came back, it was already past 2PM and our little boy was already sleeping. Frank and I decided to paint the back side of the shelf, hoping it will be dry by the time our son wakes up. In the course of painting the shelf, Franco spilled the paint. Because we don’t like wasting, we decided to use the spilled paint and retouch the legs of Aki’s chair. Soon, we found ourselves painting the whole chair!


Obviously, this paint job was done by loving parents who are only amateurs at painting.

Here is our finish product.


It looks better from afar, don’t you agree?


We couldn’t wait for Aki to wake up. As soon as he opened his eyes, we told him that there is a Red Power Ranger chair waiting for him outside.

His reaction? Priceless!

First, he was happy to find rd chair…

But then, it started to sink in….


He realized that it’s the same colorful chair that he loves.


Aki: I don’t like it.


Me: Love you, too!

14 thoughts on “Painting the Weekend Red

  1. Wow ang laki na nya, i have been an avid reader kasi! 🙂 BTW, what age did you enroll him? im starting to survey kasi im confused kung what age dapat ko ienroll yung son ko. TIA!

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