Question of the Day

Aki: San titi mo, Mummy? Where is your penis, Mummy?

Me: Di ba wala akong titi?  Kase? I don’t have a penis, right? Because?

Aki: Gohl ka. You’re a girl.

Aki (thinks for a couple of seconds): Sa fet labas hihi mo? Does your pee come out of your bum?



11 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. Na-scare tuloy ako makausap si Aki, siguradong ma st stump nya ako, heehee.

    I remember a friend telling me how one time at a restaurant, that she decided to pee after she took her son to the bathroom to pee… She squats and does her thing and suddenly, her son exclaims in a loud voice,

    “Oh mommy, your pee pee comes out of your pwet!”

    That was the last time she took her son to pee, si tatay na raw ang bahala next time 😛

  2. Aaaawww.. so smart! Been following your blog for quite some time na and now lang I can’t help but comment. Aki is so cute! You’re doing a really great job on him, Maqui! 🙂

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